Attract user attention to the primary images in your emails with amp-image-lightbox
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Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen

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Attract user attention to the primary images in your emails with amp-image-lightbox

Published : November 2, 2022 | Updated : May 23, 2024

Images are a proven way to evoke user interest in marketing emails. Whether it is to promote an apartment on sale or showcase a new product launch, images effectively draw attention.

Images you can interact with, are even more powerful. You’ve probably seen these at work on ecommerce websites. You see a series of images, choose one, and click on it. The image enlarges and jumps out at you. 

Wouldn’t you just love to offer a similar visual experience in your marketing emails?

You can, if you design an AMP email using the amp-image-lightbox component. 

Let us learn more about amp-image-lightbox, which makes images the hero of your emails.

1. What are the benefits of the amp-image-lightbox component?

It brings the image to the center of the page while darkening the background elements. Here is how you can bring interactivity into the images in your marketing AMP emails.

1.1. Bring out minute details

amp-image-lightbox makes little details on an image more evident. It blurs everything other than the primary picture and lets the user focus on the zoomed rendition. Use it cleverly to highlight images for products, reviews, features, on-sale items, and more.

Minute details-AMP lightbox

1.2. Boost product sales

The component allows you to add multiple images to a single email. You can even include a 360-degree view of clothes and accessories, popular holiday spots, machinery and equipment, and more. Give users a complete view of the product with enlarged images from different angles. It increases the information value, builds confidence in the product, and leads to conversions.

2. How to use the amp-image-lightbox component?

The amp-image-lightbox component provides a powerful, interactive, lightbox experience for a specified image.

Required Scripts: <script async custom-element=”amp-image-lightbox” src=””></script>

When the user clicks the image, the <amp-img> activates the <amp-image-lightbox> via the on action, which references the ID of the <amp-image-lightbox> element (i.e., lightbox1). The <amp-image-lightbox> then displays the image in the center of the full-viewport lightbox. Note: The amp-image-lightbox element must be empty and set to layout=nodisplay.

Among other things, the amp-image-lightbox allows the following user manipulations:

  • Zooming
  • Panning
  • Showing/hiding the description

And yes! You can certainly use the same amp-image-lightbox component for more than one image on the AMP email.

The ‘open’ action opens the image lightbox, with the source image being the one that triggered the action. Pressing the escape key on a keyboard closes the lightbox.

Optionally, you can display captions at the bottom of the viewport for the image. The <amp-image-lightbox> component determines the content for the caption as follows:

  • If the image is in a figure tag, the content of the <figcaption> displays for the caption.
  • If the image specifies an aria-described by attribute, the content of the element whose ID is specified by the aria-describedby attribute displays for the caption.

You can style the amp-image-lightbox component with standard CSS. You can also style some of the properties like background and color. The amp-image-lightbox-caption class is also available to style the caption section.

If you wish to learn more about the amp-image-lightbox component for email, visit

3. Variations of the amp-image-lightbox component

Use the attributes of the amp-image-lightbox component to simplify its use in emails.

3.1. Introduce a close button

You can use the data-close-button-aria-label to create a close button. The users can click on this to close the image lightbox in their email.

3.2. Complete the setup

There are two attributes for amp-image-lightbox that help you adjust the principal settings:

  • Id attribute: Sets the ID for the lightbox element used as a target for the image’s ‘on’ action
  • Layout attribute: Sets the display layout; it must be set to nodisplay

amp-image-lightbox is frequently combined with the amp-img and amp-carousel components to make the emails even more effective.

4. How can Netcore Cloud help you?

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Written By: Kanika Sreen
Kanika Sreen
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