TopKarir achieves 43% increase on their DAU within 90 days

Key Results
Increase in time spent on app
Increase in daily active users

Company: TopKarir is a career portal for helping young Indonesians prepare for and find jobs.

Industry: Career services

Location: Indonesia

Category: Customer Engagement

Solutions Used: Customer Engagement


  • Low app adoption: After downloading the TopKarir app, all users weren’t taking the right actions like applying for jobs and taking special courses
  • Lack of visibility: There was no visibility into the actions users were taking after they downloaded the app
  • Low DAUs: This lead to idle installs and low number of active app users

Netcore Cloud’s Strategy:

Netcore Cloud’s AI-led email delivery solution helped TopKarir by: 

  • Deploying user path analysis: User path analysis showed the set of steps users were taking after installing the TopKarir app. All of the steps were grouped and connected via different paths leading to different actions.
  • Segmented journey automations: Users were segmented based on actions taken, and different automation journeys were created to guide users through the right actions.
  • Targeted notifications: Netcore helped send targeted notifications to TopKarir users were missing out on key features of the TopKarir app.
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