Metro achieves a 200% increase in email engagement and 99% deliverability with Netcore.

Key Results
Open Rates
Email Deliverability
Click-through Rate
Metro is one of the leading retail brands in Indonesia founded in 1953 in Surabaya, Indonesia. They sell a full range of fashion and
lifestyle category items including fragrances, apparel, toys, home, and living items, and travel accessories.
Lifestyle Retail Brand
Email Deliverability, User segmentation, Email Templates.
Solution Used:
Netcore Email Delivery


  • Being such a large retailer, Metro conducted many events and promotions for their customers.
  • The main promotional channel for them was through email.
  • While they were reaching many customers, the conversions were very low overall and they were looking for ways to improve them.
  • After trying multiple methods, they turned to Netcore.

Netcore’s Strategy

  • Since a majority of their emails were landing in spam, our deliverability experts worked on improving their inbox placement.
  • Segmented users into multiple categories by consulting with the Customer Success team and engaged them with the relevant content.


After thoroughly running optimizing existing campaigns, the results were amazing. To read more about the strategy, download the full case study.


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