Netcore's AI Raman assists MakeMyTrip in increasing its Click-through rates by 32% and Inbox Deliverability by 90%

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MakeMyTrip is a travel company founded in 2000 serving the US-India travel market. Offering a unique value proposition for their time, travelers could instantly book their flight tickets after comparing prices for all the companies.
Email infrastructure, Email Deliverability, Email Campaigns.
Solution Used:
Netcore Email Delivery.



MakeMyTrip has a large email subscriber base. They regularly sent out emails but experienced low engagement rates due to the lack of relevant content.

  • Their internal structuring and list segmentation weren’t as granular as they could be.
  • They did not have in-house deliverability expertise.
  • The above two points directly affected the engagement and inboxing of MakeMyTrip’s email campaigns.

Netcore’s Strategy

  • The Netcore deliverability experts team looked through the past campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement and to find content that performs well.
  • Best practices for sending emails were implemented to reach the subscriber inbox.
  • We leveraged Netcore’s AI-powered features like Subject-line optimization to create subject lines that catch maximum eyeballs.
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