Netcore Product Experience Platform helps Gradeup achieve significant growth in feature adoption, course completion and user engagement

Gradeup is India’s largest exam preparation destination, to help students prepare actively for various exams and score better
Building great user experiences
Solution Used:
Netcore Product Experience Platform





  • Faced low feature adoption for ‘start free trial‘ feature
  • Low visibility on feedback from non-subscribed users
  • Quick links for different pages of an exam category were not customized for each user
  • Unable to display different promotional banners for each cohort of users
  • Onboarding issues due to difficulty in surfacing specific , relevant onboarding videos and quizzes
  • Lower course completion rates

Netcore’s Strategy


Netcore No-code Product Experience Platform is helping Gradeup through:

  • Deployment of various animations on the ‘start free trial’ feature
  • Surfaced the questionnaire to the specific cohort of users and nudged them to respond at relevant points in the user journey
  • Personalized the quick links for pages based on the exam they have chosen and highlighted the links with spotlight
  • Surfaced specific discount banner for specific exam category and users at certain points in the user journey
  • Surfaced the right onboarding video and quiz to its users with the help of specific video id and quiz id
  • Nudged users to complete the course onboarding video by surfacing the video at various points in the user journey
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