Fidelity Bank

Nigeria’s leading bank, Fidelity Bank, achieved 46.5% average open rates and reduced bounce rates with Netcore Email

Key Results
Average open rate
Reduction in bounce rates


Fidelity Bank, headquartered in Nigeria is a full-fledged commercial bank boasting millions of customers spanning multiple countries. They offer multiple services including personal and corporate banking, treasury management, corporate and individual loans, and much more.
Banking and Finance
List segmentation, Real-time data, Domain reputation, Reduced latency
Solution Used:
Netcore Email Delivery


Fidelity Bank sends 10s of millions of transactional emails every month. However, using an in-house email server setup presented many challenges for them:

  • Their emails were delayed by up to 30 minutes.
  • There was no visibility into email tracking metrics.
  • Higher bounce rates as the marketing team could not track unsubscribes and bounces.
  • And a poor sender reputation owing to the above points!

Netcore’s Strategy

To help Fidelity Bank solve their pain points and make them a turnaround story, we prioritized their challenges and began working on them individually:

  • Moved their email setup to Netcore email servers which are optimized with AI to improve delivery speeds.
  • Verified and validated their email lists to remove all bounces and unsubscribes.
  • Worked towards improving sender reputation for higher inboxing.
  • Demonstrated the real-time campaign analytics that Netcore email’s dashboard offers.

Over the course of our strategy execution, Fidelity Bank improved its scale of the audience to reach out as compared to before.! To read more about the strategy, download the full case study.


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