UK's leading online dating platform HubPeople achieves a staggering 78% increase in email engagement.

Our success story with HubPeople
Overall engagement
Click-through rate
Inboxing rate
HubPeople power thousands of social networks worldwide with a cloud based service.
Technology & Software
United Kingdom
Deliverability, Campaign engagement, Real-time data
Solution Used:
Netcore Email, Expert recommendations


When HubPeople approached Netcore, they set up objectives to ensure their campaigns delivered expected performance. With that, the company was 

  • Finding ways to increase their reach by improving the inbox placement
  • Improve their engagement with the use of tailored content
  • Convert more email subscribers to paid members

Netcore’s Strategy

HubPeople expected the Netcore team to possess email industry expertise and provide practical solutions that would begin impacting their campaigns immediately.  Netcore’s experts exceeded their expectations:

  • We started with offering and implementing deliverability recommendations alongside their marketing team
  • We also performed a deep dive into their historical email campaigns to identify what worked best for their users and what didn’t
  • Offered them industry-specific advice to inform them about the latest trends and strategies being used by competitors

With the recommendations and advice paired with Netcore’s robust email marketing platform, HubPeople could send emails to their entire list of users with ease.

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