Netcore’s AI-led personalized product recommendations help top women’s fashion e-tailer, Zivame, generate Marketing ROI of 12X

Key results
Marketing ROI generated
61% Increase
Increase in CTR on Product
Display Page via Netcore’s personalized widgets
7.3% Increase
Uplift in conversion rate
Zivame is an Indian online lingerie store that enables customers to browse items by category, brand, color and size.
Personalized product recommendations
Solution Used:
Netcore personalization


  • Availability of a wide range of products in their catalog made product discovery a challenge as customers were viewing the same products on each visit to the website
  • Absence of relevant personalized recommendations meant they had a difficulty in providing product recommendations based on user behavior and influence purchase
  • Customers visiting website would often drop-off on not finding the most relevant productsleading to a high bounce rate

Netcore Strategy

Netcore’s AI-led Personalized Product Recommendations are helping Zivame’s e-commerce platform through:

  • Designing & deploying personalized widgets on different web pages across the customer journey: Product Display Page, Personalized Product Boutique Page
  • Deployment of AI engine, Raman and Neural Networks: To understand customers in real-time and show them personalized recommendations based on what they are most likely to purchase
  • Created a Personalized Product Boutique Page that showcases only products that the customer is most likely to purchase based on customer data
  • Customizing widgets according to custom requirements: Created customized product recommendation widgets according to Zivame’s requirements to deliver the most accurate product recommendations, powered by our AI engine, Raman
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