Netcore Cloud moves the needle on AI in email helping global brands achieve miraculous results
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Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar

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Netcore Cloud moves the needle on AI in email helping global brands achieve miraculous results

Published : September 17, 2021

There are a lot of important decisions that an email marketer needs to make during a typical workday.

– What email content to send? 

What promotional offer should be used?

– Which subject line will provide the maximum engagement?

– What is the right segment to send the campaign to?

– What is the right time to send this communication?

– How to ensure that all emails land in the inbox?

– How to get the most conversions from this campaign?

Getting the right answer to every one of those questions will count towards the campaign’s success.

Ideally, a marketer will want to get each of these spot-on!

There are innumerable daily decisions to take that could affect your company’s bottom line.

No wonder most email marketers run into an analysis paralysis type of situation.

This is the narrative for some brands even today, though it’s gradually shifting.

Or we can say, gradually disrupted by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Machine learning.’

AI technologies in ESPs (Email service providers) have transformed the way marketers make their daily decisions.

In our previous blog, we talked about AI tools used by Netcore Cloud that have revolutionized email marketing.

And they have indeed pivoted marketing strategies 360 degrees for our customers.

The question from marketers has steadily shifted from “Should we implement AI to send our emails?” to “How do we use these AI tools to better our email results?”

So in this post, we will discuss the different use cases where our global customers implemented AI in their email programs and got gratifying results. 

We share success stories that prove AI/ML are not just buzzwords anymore. AI is moving the needle for marketers to get better conversions and engagement from their customers. 

Read on for the success stories.

1. Mothercare Indonesia: Controlling email send time to deliver at the perfect moment

Mothercare Indonesia is a global retail brand for parents and young children operating over 800 stores in more than 40 territories. Their marketing team wanted to improve the brand’s customer engagement above industry benchmarks. They lacked the visibility on the best time to engage their customers through emails. 

That’s when Mothercare decided to activate our Send Time Optimization (STO) feature and track the progress through control-group testing. Right away, Raman’s historical campaign analysis and our advanced STO K-means and clustering algorithms made an impact. Our email platform sent targeted campaigns with optimized send times to get faster engagement results. 

Results: Mothercare achieved a 1.5X increase in email opens with double the clicks.

Now, that’s a great result of perfect timing!

Learn more on how Netcore turned it around for Mothercare Indonesia here.

2. Fahasa: Creating predictive customer segments to deliver relevant product recommendations

Fahasa, Vietnam’s largest book retailer, has a broad network comprising 60 bookstores, five book centers, and a printing house. Lately, Fahasa’s team had observed a dip in customer engagement in their email campaigns. Customers were not receiving relevant offers due to which open and click rates had taken a hit. They lacked a dynamic segmentation solution that would allow them to send personalized, contextual, and targeted messages to the right customers. 

Using the ‘Predictive Segmentation’ feature, Fahasa increased its customer engagement and retention. Raman analyzed user behavior across their website and app, past email interaction history and came up with intelligent segments. Cutting-edge technologies like propensity scoring model, historical churn behavior, and automated pattern learning segmented customer data to predict future behavior. When Fahasa targeted the segments with relevant product recommendations, their email engagement got a major boost. 

Results: Fahasa was able to achieve a 20X ROI through marketing automation campaigns. 

Learn more about how Raman improved Fahasa’s customer engagement;  download the full success story here:

3. Makemytrip: Creating subject lines that catch maximum eyeballs

MakeMyTrip (MMT) is a travel company founded in 2000, serving the Indian travel market. MMT offers a unique value proposition for their time; travelers could instantly book their train, bus, flight tickets after comparing prices from all the company websites. MakeMyTrip had a large email subscribers list. They regularly sent out emails but experienced low engagement rates due to the lack of creative subject lines and content.

Netcore’s AI-powered ‘Subject-Line Optimization’ (SLO) feature automated their subject lines that created massive engagement. Raman analyzed the past campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement and to find content that performed well. 

Results: MakeMyTrip saw a 32% increase in their open rates with increased deliverability of 90%. 

Learn more about how Netcore improved MMT’s email engagement here:

4. Myntra: Leveraging the power of AI/ML for intelligent email delivery

Walmart-owned Myntra is a one-stop-shop for all fashion and lifestyle needs. It is India’s largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products, with the widest range of brands and products on its portal. Their marketing team had noticed a slight dip in their email engagement performance. They wished for more of their emails to land in the primary tab of Gmail to enhance their brand’s visibility. They were looking for an advanced segmentation plan which could create intelligent segments on a granular level. As their active and passive customers were treated on par, their list hygiene had deteriorated.

Using Raman’s capabilities, we provided Myntra’s team with an intelligent approach to data analytics. Myntra targeted specific campaigns to AI-generated segments. Next, through our AI-powered delivery mechanism, Myntra could adapt to the throughput required by mailbox providers. It increased the probability of smooth inbox delivery.

They harnessed the neural network to prioritize emails to active users first, followed by the rest of the list. This ensured a positive engagement and inbox placement for their entire campaign. Our expert consultancy on their email content to increase deliverability proved to be an added benefit to increase inbox placement.

Results: Myntra achieved a staggering 94% inbox placement throughout their campaigns with a 60% improvement in their customer engagement. Their average open rates were double the industry benchmark!

“Netcore Email Marketing has been critical to our customer retention strategy, and we have partnered with them for 4+ years now. Using AI-based delivery, Netcore helped us in primary inboxing, achieving 60% improvement in email campaign performance, which is 2X that of average industry standards.”

Aashish Kumar, Senior Manager, CRM & Growth

Learn more by downloading the full Myntra success story here:

5. Hubpeople: Increasing audience reach by boosting inbox placement

Hubpeople is a UK-based dating technology platform that powers thousands of social networks worldwide using their cloud service. Hubpeople had specific objectives when it came to their campaign performance. They wanted to increase their audience reach by improving the inbox placement. They also wished to improve their open rates with the use of tailored content and convert more email subscribers to paid members.

Our AI-engine ‘Raman’ analyzed their historical data and performed intelligent data segmentation. Raman’s ‘Predictive Engagement’ feature helped Hubpeople’s marketing team manage their email sending based on recency of engagement. With this feature, the active users were prioritized for sending emails first; their positive engagement facilitated inboxing the rest of the emails. It gave a massive boost to inbox placement for the whole campaign. In addition, their team implemented our deliverability suggestions, which further improved their inboxing. 

Results: With the recommendations and advice paired with Netcore’s robust email marketing platform, HubPeople could send emails to their entire list of users with ease. They witnessed a 25% uplift in inbox placement, 78% improvement in open rate, and 76% increase in CTOR.

Learn more about their success here:

AI has arrived and is here to stay

Netcore’s advanced AI technologies have furthered the conversations around the use of AI in email marketing over the last few years. Now, AI provides rich insights to marketers on sending the right email content to the right segment at the right time.  This post showed how global brands benefited from using our AI-engine Raman’s intelligence and insights.

This is just the beginning of Netcore’s AI/ML revolution in the email marketing product stack.
Our future product roadmap is packed with further updates to our existing AI features. Raman will continue to evolve in quest of more advanced capabilities. The end goal is to offer truly one-to-one experiences, in a new ‘Segment of One’ world.
The final outcome will be a true, AI-powered, hyper-personalized customer experience. 

Netcore’s AI-powered email delivery has emerged as a proven competitive advantage for the leading brands mentioned above. If you would like to join them, now is the time to book a demo. Learn more about our Netcore Cloud platforms and what they can do to supercharge your email marketing results.   


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Written By: Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar
Tejas Pitkar is a Senior Product Evangelist at Netcore Cloud. He likes analyzing data and diving deep to find valuable insights for marketers. He is credited for writing Industry benchmark reports and marketing leaders’ reports. He also likes to give back to the email industry with his volunteer work at the Only Influencers Diversity Committee. An #emailgeek at heart, he likes writing blogs, sharing email knowledge, and making thought-provoking videos on all things email. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading books, and drinking his favorite Chai, in his free time.