Fahasa, Vietnam’s Largest Bookstore, Achieves a 20X ROI with Netcore’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform, powered by our AI Engine- Raman

Key Results
ROI achieved through the Marketing Automation suite
Web Message’s contribution to Netcore’s revenue through successful campaigns on Exit Intent Pop-up and Flash Sales


Fahasa, Vietnam’s Largest Bookstore




Marketing Automation, Raman AI Engine


  • Lack of an omnichannel engagement platform for Fahasa to scale its engagement with customers across channels
  • Inability to send contextual, personalized, and targeted messages to the right customers due to the lack of a dynamic segmentation solution
  • Customers visiting websites would often drop off due to lack of relevant offers. Led to a high bounce rate

Netcore Smartech Strategy

Netcore’s Omnichannel Marketing Automation Suite (powered by Raman) is helping Fahasa increase customer engagement and retention by:

  • 1:1 Product Recommendations: Using customer behavior across their website & app and past transaction history, we were able to create predictive customer segments to deliver relevant product recommendations
  • Increased website and mobile app engagement: Showcased latest offers through on-site engagement and in-app messages to reduce the bounce rate among visitors
  • Deployed exit intent pop-ups to ensure customers stayed back and purchased more
  • Created Time-based strategic engagement campaigns through Flash Sales
  • App Notifications, web notifications and emails: Communicate relevant offers and customer lifecycle-based engagement across channels
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