A 2021 guide to using Artificial Intelligence in email marketing

Why do you need this ebook?

The marketing side of the email industry has slowly but surely embraced Machine Learning (ML) and AI. Marketers are now on board with using intelligent technologies to better their email results.

Currently, a lot of companies wish to leverage AI and ML tools for their email programs. But before that, a marketer needs to understand how these capabilities will impact their customer experience and ROI. If the answer is not conclusive or results are not visibly different, then the solution is just hype with no value addition.

So, in this e-book, you will learn how AI/ML technologies can be used in various facets of email marketing and how they are shaping the future of this industry.

In this e-book you’ll understand:

  • How AI/ML technologies have revolutionized email marketing
  • The current use of AI/ML in email marketing
  • How content selection, predictive segmentation, send-time, and delivery optimization impact your email results
  • The future AI trends for email
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