Deliver Emails Straight Into The Inbox


Close 20% leads

50% faster

Gain deeper email insights to build, strategize, 

and convert more customers!

Track Email Delivery Time

Everyone wants emails to be delivered quickly. 

Capture in real-time how long it takes for

your emails to reach the inbox

Check the latency for individual recipient/sending 


‘Believe in what you see, not what you’re promised!’

Discover Precise Inbox Placement Rate

See exactly how many of your emails are landing in Inbox.

Find inbox rates segregated by popular ISPs

like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc

Discover which campaigns worked best by 

comparing their inbox placement rates

Imitate what worked in your best performing 

campaigns, and increase the inbox rate of other campaigns

‘Don’t guess whether 60% of emails landed in Inbox or 100%. See the exact figures yourself.’

Automated List Segmentation

Your subscribers get automatically segmented based on their interaction with your emails.

Draft personalized campaigns to generate more conversions

Build relationships by nurturing customers and reduce churn.

‘Remember -> One size doesn’t fit all.’

Funnel Performance

Analyzing your funnel is a must to understand 

how your sales and marketing operations are working

Track email metrics that matter to you - email 

requests, delivered, opens, clicks, and much more!

Track email engagement at a granular level 

on an hourly, daily, weekly basis

‘Start identifying the gaps & strengths within your email sends!’

Custom Report

Reporting made quick and simple, just for you.

Access data that matters the most to you within a second.

Create & Save reports which you want regular updates of, and configure them on a weekly/monthly basis via FTP/Email!

‘Invest more time on strategizing campaigns and less on manual work’

"Since we fully launched with Netcore our open rate has increased by about 50%, and revenue is up 30% from the previous comparable reporting period. And we're only a week in!"

"By switching to Netcore our user engagement went up 1.5X and unique open rates by 2X"

Courtney Minor

- Email Marketing Manager

Sudeep Bansal

- AVP Digital & Retention Mareting

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