Why Netcore

The most comprehensive
customer experience platform

Netcore Cloud offers Customer Engagement & Experience, Personalization, Customer Data Platform, Product Experience, Email API, Journey Orchestration, and two decades of rich MarTech experience - all in one cloud.

Great customer experiences drive incredible revenue growth

Built for scalability,
security, and reliability

With over 15 billion consumer connects every month, we know and understand scale. We encourage you to keep pushing your horizons, while we have your back through all stages of your growth journey.
Built for scalability, security, and reliability
Unmatched and unparalleled deliverability

Unmatched and unparalleled deliverability

Netcore's deliverability benchmarks are a moonshot for the industry. Patented deliverability-tech with 95%+ inbox placement, native communication APIs enabling 80%+ app notification deliveries bring you the leading edge that your competition brands miss out on. This is possible because Netcore Cloud offers a full-stack platform and an in-house delivery engine.

Raman, the AI engine that
churns actionable insights

30+ ML engineers work on an all-encompassing AI engine that learns from millions of user engagement touchpoints and guides you to create the best campaign your brand can, across the customer lifecycle.
Raman, the AI engine that churns actionable insights
Personalization and product experience platform

Personalization and product experience platform

A platform that looks at customer experience as a whole and not in pieces. We believe engagement can only be meaningful when it is personalized and complemented with an enhanced product experience. We enable you to deliver all of that, with our comprehensive customer experience platform.

A team, that works
for your success

You are the center of everything we do. From building the next feature to helping you leverage it, to achieving your engagement and retention KPIs - we make sure we are there for you at each and every step of your journey. All our teams are customer-first, and we wouldn't want it any other way.
A team, that works for your success

Recognized at the global level countless times

Undisputed leaders in the customer experience space. Our use of cutting-edge technology paired with a customer-first approach has helped us achieve high customer satisfaction ratings across these major categories in the enterprise customer engagement suite.

The brands you trust, trust us

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