Email benchmark report 2020
EBR 2020

Email Benchmark Report 2020

Why do you need this ebook?

The pandemic has posed new challenges for brands to communicate with their customers. These new challenges inspired us to offer this valuable report for email marketers.

We conducted an intense analysis of 50 billion emails across 15 major industries sent from Netcore’s AI-powered email delivery platform, from their top consumer brands to millions of subscribers globally. The analysis led to insights on how email metrics have inevitably changed during 2020 and beyond. These email metrics can serve as benchmarks for email marketers to reference for the upcoming years.

Thus, we bring you “Email Benchmark Report 2020,” – which sums up the changes in customer preferences and lifestyle altered for the foreseeable future.

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In this report you will learn:

  • How AI is influencing customer outreach?
  • What are the global standards for email deliverability?
  • What are the most effective content and subject lines?
  • How brands lose their users through unsubscribed?

2020 has been a unique year for the way consumers have reacted to promotional emails. This Special Edition Benchmark Report hopes to explain the changed customer perspectives and habits related to their email behavior during this time. We predict that this pattern of new customer behaviors is going to last well after the crisis is over.

This report cements the new benchmark that a marketer should aspire to achieve.

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