EP #74: Product-led Growth Lessons From Co-Founder of Rocketlane and Head of CX of alt.bank

EP #74: Product-led Growth Lessons From Co-Founder of Rocketlane and Head of CX of alt.bank

About this Podcast

We’re in the midst of a significant transition in how people use and buy software products. For a very long time, sales and marketing have been on opposite sides of the table. While Sales focuses on getting as much revenue as possible, marketing focuses on acquiring as many users as possible, and then retaining them. This separation between sales and marketing is one of the reasons why growth hacking has come into existence. 

The approach followed by new-age companies is by focusing on product-led growth. User acquisition, expansion, conversion, engagement, and retention are all largely driven by the product itself under product-led growth (PLG). While SaaS companies have been successful with PLG, the reality is that the majority of companies have not adopted a PLG approach, and we believe it’s a missed opportunity. 

To get a deep understanding of how to leverage product-led growth to grow business exponentially, we caught up with Srikrishnan Ganeshan, Co-founder at Rocketlane and Bruno Grill Coelho, Head of Customer Experience at alt.bank

Srikrishnan and Bruno shared compelling insights on:

  • Which brands have leveraged PLG to grow exponentially?
  • Is the era of sales lead and marketing lead growth over? 
  • Will product experience be the sole growth lever or can these three co-exist?
  • What does PLG mean in a B2B SaaS/App setup?
  • What are the significant KPIs to measure the success of PLG?
  • What are some of the latest trends in PLG?
  • What are the challenges faced in creating global products?
  • What is the role of different generations in creating new demands in the global market?

Tune in to understand how product-led growth has become the key driver of success for numerous brands in today’s world. 


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