EP #67: Product-led Growth Lessons from India’s Leading Digital Ledger Platform, Khatabook

EP #67: Product-led Growth Lessons from India’s Leading Digital Ledger Platform, Khatabook

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As smartphones continue to penetrate into smaller towns, users are depending on mobile apps for all their needs. From shopping online to completing payments on digital platforms, everything’s done at ease on mobiles. So much so that users have even started maintaining their ledgers on mobile apps. The beauty of this is it’s very easy to track and offers many more benefits than doing it in primitive ways. 

Khatabook enables micro, small and medium merchants to track business transactions securely. It also offers features such as online payment collection through UPI and QR, sending periodic reminders to creditors via messages and report generation. Founded in October 2018, Khatabook has become India’s leading business management app for MSMEs with over 20M downloads in a remarkably short period of time. 

We caught up with Damini Mishra, Senior Product Manager at Khatabook to get an understanding of how they are scaling customer acquisition, engagement and retention by delivering delightful mobile app experiences. 

Damini also shared her thoughts on: 

  • Acquiring high quality users at an optimizing cost
  • Leveraging the power of current users to acquire new users
  • Using SEO, offering free trials and building communities to enhance user engagement
  • Providing contextual and personalized app experiences to each user
  • Offering language-based personalization considering a huge chunk of their users are from tier 2 and tier 3 cities
  • Triggering nudges to guide users at the right time in their journey to make use of the referral feature in the app

Tune in to this episode to understand how Khatabook has created different user segments and engaged with each of them differently to build and retain a loyal customer base.

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