EP #72: Product-led growth lessons from the product growth owner at India’s Fintech leader, Razorpay, and Co-founder of GrowthX

About this Podcast

The world is evolving rapidly. In today’s world, people don’t just use products but interact with them at a higher level. As consumption habits change over time, people are using products in different ways. In order to stay on top of trends and changes, companies have a lot to think about. The challenge ahead of companies is that there are alternative products coming up at the same time. The onus is thus on them to showcase the unique value their product provides and how it addresses the needs and necessities of the customers. 

With insights from the generation of finest founders, today we have with us Udayan Walvekar, Product- Growth at Razorpay and Co-founder of GrowthX sharing his thoughts on product growth journeys.

Razorpay is India’s first full-stack financial solutions company. Started in 2014, Razorpay has grown from being a payment gateway provider to a solutions-driven organization boasting of an extensive products suite to accept and disburse payments as well as raise capital and park money. 

GrowthX is India’s top learning platform for high-performance founders, product teams, growth teams, and early-stage startup founders. Founded in 2019, GrowthX’s mission is to create million growth teams across all organizations over the next decade. 

Udayan shared compelling insights on:

  • The importance of growth teams in product-based organizations
  • How growth teams help in extracting the best value of the product
  • What is the core value proposition and how do you define it
  • What are cognitive biases and how one should tackle it
  • Getting users to adopt new features on the app
  • What is product-led growth and how does it lead to better user acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • How nudges can help brands create the ‘aha’ moment
  • The importance of no-code in today’s product world

Tune in to understand how product-led growth can help you deliver the best value of your product and grow your business exponentially. 


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