Rule-base Personalization: Unlocking Higher Website Conversions With Data-Driven Experimentation

Why do you need this ebook?

It is evident that because of the advent of the internet, customers are now loaded with information and options. In such a case, if a Marketer does not personalize his/her conversations and offerings, then it might be ostracizing.

Here, you get to understand:

  • The difference between Magnetized and Demagnetized Marketer
  • Website personalization, their strategies, and types
  • Rule-based Personalization

Technology does give us power! AI-led personalization services have lifted the conversation rates by 10%. As a marketer, with the help of AI technology, you can understand your customers’ past and real-time actions, inactions, needs, and intents. That’s where your journey to personalization begins!

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Measure conversion uplifts with advanced A/B testing within 5 weeks of integration
Make shopping easy for your customers by greeting them with personalized boutiques and communications using past data
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