Reliance General Insurance

Reliance General Insurance achieve a 4X conversion rate uplift from repeat website visitors

Key results
4x Increase
Increase in conversion rates from repeat visitors
204% Increase
Increase in Average Session Duration
Transactions from repeat visitors
57% decrease
Decrease in bounce rates

Company: Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in India.


Industry: Insurance

Location: India

Category: Personalized product recommendations

Solution Used: Netcore personalization



  • Lack of personalized content for repeat visitors on the website led to users exiting the websiteThis resulted in low conversion rates
  • High bounce rate on the website since visitors had to go through the entire process of filing up the lead form again from the point they last dropped-off
  • Lack of a Website personalization solution that allowed users to continue the transaction from the same stage where they last dropped-off

Netcore Strategy

Netcore’s Content Personalization Suite Helped Reliance General Insurance by:

  • Deliver a convenient user experience: Ensure that the repeat visitor wouldn’t have to fill the entire form again. The visitor can instead come back and continue from the stage where he dropped-off
  • Personalize website banners: Offer a personalized experience to each returning visitor by showing a banner with details like name, car model number and premium amount based on what the user entered
  • Tailor-make buying journeys: Completely personalize the website journey for each returning visitor based on their requirements and nudge them closer towards purchase
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