Top Indian Mutual Fund Investment Company

Top Indian Mutual Fund Investment Company Boost Revenues by 3X

Key results
3x Increase
Growth in transactions since onboarding
3x Increase
Increase in revenue since onboarding
Top Indian Mutual Fund Investment Company
Personalized product recommendations
Solution Used:
Netcore personalization


  • High customer drop-off rate when the investor is in the process of completing the transaction
  • Dropping off in the middle of the transaction meant that the investor had to go through the same process again

Netcore’s Strategy

Netcore’s Content Personalization Suite Helped the Top Indian Mutual Fund Investment Company by:

  • Strategizing the use-cases and content:  To nurture the investors failing to transact post nudging through our existing drop-off journey, we strategized to improve the investor experience by personalizing the-
    • Name of the Investor
    • Scheme Name
    • Type of Transaction upon his return to the Website
  • Offering customers convenience by allowing them to continue the transaction from the same stage where they had dropped off
  • Integration: To provide a smooth and successful dynamic personalized experience, we worked on identifying and integrating important investor journey activities
  • Tracking Solution: To reduce the time and effort on the backend team for fetching the views and click data, we automated the click data report
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