Win the eCommerce Game – Part 3: ChatGPT Insights of Email Shops
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Win the eCommerce Game – Part 3: ChatGPT Insights of Email Shops

Published : August 21, 2023 | Updated : May 20, 2024

Chat GPT is the new ‘go to’ source for everyone’s questions. The answers aren’t half-bad, either. With access to internet knowledge up to September 2021, the AI tool provides reliable answers if asked the right questions.

So, Rajesh Jain, founder and Group MD of Netcore, decided to put ChatGPT to the test. He authored ‘Email Shops Can Transform eCommerce,’ blog on which this three-part article series is based.

In this final part, we share interesting excerpts from Rajesh’s conversation with ChatGPT on Email Shops. We’ve already introduced the concept of Email Shops in Part 2 and suggest you have a look at it first.

Now let’s delve into the extract – it makes for a very interesting read!


I want to create a solution I call ‘Email Shops’ — using AMP in email to do the full eCommerce lifecycle within email. How can AMP help at every stage of the customer journey for an eCommerce brand?


‘Email Shops’ is an innovative concept that leverages AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in email to create an interactive and engaging eCommerce experience within email clients. AMP can assist at every stage of the customer journey. Here’s how:

Awareness: AMP emails can include interactive content such as image carousels, videos, and animations to showcase products or services.

Consideration: With AMP, you can embed product details, customer reviews, and even comparison charts directly inside the email.

Conversion: AMP enables customers to add items to their cart, select product options (e.g., size, color), and complete the purchase with integrated payment options, within the email itself.

Retention: AMP emails can be used to send personalized offers, product recommendations, and loyalty rewards based on customers’ past interactions or preferences.

Advocacy: Encourage customers to share their experiences through embedded social sharing buttons in AMP emails and prompt them to write product reviews.

Support: AMP emails can include interactive forms, FAQ sections, or even live chat widgets, allowing customers to get assistance without leaving the email.


What are the hurdles in the creation and usage of Email Shops by eCommerce brands?


Email client compatibility: Not all email clients support AMP emails, which means some recipients may not be able to experience the full functionality of Email Shops. AMP emails must have a fallback HTML version to maintain a consistent experience across different email clients.

Technical complexity: Implementing AMP in email can be more complex than traditional email design, as it requires knowledge of AMP HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Security concerns: Embedding sensitive actions like payments and authentication within an email can raise security concerns for customers. Brands must adhere to industry-standard security practices.

Load times and performance: While AMP is designed to be fast-loading, heavy use of interactive elements and rich media can slow down email loading times. Brands must optimize email content for quick load times.

Maintaining consistency: Brands need to ensure their Email Shops maintain a consistent look and feel with their main website, mobile app, or other customer touchpoints. This can be challenging, given the limitations and unique features of AMP emails.

Analytics and tracking: Tracking user interactions in AMP emails can be more complex than in traditional emails. Brands must accurately measure the performance of their Email Shops with metrics like engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Legal and compliance issues: Adhering to privacy and data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, when collecting, storing, and using customer data in Email Shops.

Despite these challenges, Email Shops have the potential to revolutionize the eCommerce experience within emails.


As an email service provider, how can I popularize Email Shops?


Educate clients: Create educational resources like blog posts, webinars, or case studies showcasing the benefits of Email Shops. Explain how AMP emails can help with customer engagement, conversion rates, and retention.

Tailored services: Provide tailored Email Shop services, including AMP email templates, development, and custom integrations with ecommerce platforms. Make it easy for your clients to adopt Email Shops by offering comprehensive support and guidance.

Showcase success stories: Collaborate with early adopters to create case studies or testimonials. Share real-world examples of increased engagement, conversions and revenue AMP emails have delivered.

Partner with ecommerce platforms: Forge partnerships with popular eCommerce platforms to jointly promote Email Shops. This creates a larger user base.

Promote through content marketing: Use content marketing to share valuable insights on Email Shops – best practices, tips, and industry trends. Utilize social media, guest blogging, and email marketing.

Attend industry events: Participate in conferences, trade shows, or other industry events to promote Email Shops and network with potential clients.

Offer incentives: Encourage clients to try Email Shops by offering discounts, free trials, or other incentives.

Provide ongoing support: Offer exceptional customer support and resources to help clients troubleshoot and optimize their Email Shops. This can build trust and encourage word-of-mouth promotion.


What is the business/market potential for Email Shops?


The global eCommerce market is expanding rapidly, with more businesses and consumers relying on online shopping. Email Shops enable brands to stand out with a unique, seamless shopping experience directly within customers’ inboxes.

Increasing email usage: Despite the social media and messaging apps‘ rise, email remains a prevalent channel for personal and professional communication. Businesses can capitalize on the prevalence of email by implementing Email Shops to engage their audience.

Mobile-first approach: Email Shops that leverage AMP technology can provide a superior mobile shopping experience.

Personalization and customer engagement: Email Shops boost customer engagement and conversions by offering personalized content, product recommendations, and targeted promotions.

Convenience: By integrating the entire eCommerce process within an email, customers can browse, compare, and purchase products without leaving their inbox.

Improved customer retention: Interactive and personalized content in Email Shops can foster long-term relationships with customers, increasing repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Key Takeaway

Given these factors, the market potential for Email Shops is substantial.

ChatGPT confirms Netcore’s long-standing emphasis: AMP emails are crucial for every marketing team’s future success, not just a trend.

There’s much more, of course. If you’re curious, it’s all here: Email Shops can Transform eCommerce.

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This is the third and final part of a series of articles comprising excerpts from the blog “Email Shops Can Transform eCommerce” by Rajesh Jain. He is the founder and Group MD of Netcore, a bootstrapped SaaS company that helps brands create outstanding AI-powered customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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