Netcore helps MakeMyTrip drive up customer responses by 600%

Netcore helps MakeMyTrip drive up customer responses by 600%

Key Results
Uplift in customer responses
Increase in newly engaged users
Uplift in unique opens


MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel company with physical stores in 40+ cities and most major airports in India. It also has international offices in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bangkok, and Dubai. The MakeMyTrip App has 50M+ installs, and its website records 50.7M visits every month.

Industry: Travel

Location: India

Category: Email

Solution used: AMP


MakeMyTrip wanted to understand the reasons for App uninstall by studying user experience. They needed to increase data collection while reducing the time and effort put in by users to fill in and submit details.

Primary challenges 

  • High user drop-offs when redirected to the survey webpage
  • Low number of unique users engaged through reach-outs
  • Manual inputs required throughout campaign execution


  • Increase feedback collection from users that uninstalled the App 



MakeMyTrip consulted Netcore on best use cases for automation and AMP emails. MakeMyTrip refined its audience segmentation for better engagement and created a highly effective AMP template and customer journey, as advised by Netcore.

The three-pronged strategy focused on understanding the primary reasons behind the App uninstalls, updating the uninstalled users in a mailing list in real-time, and sending an interactive AMP email via automated journey for instant and maximum response. 

Automated journey

MakeMyTrip implemented an automated journey for users that uninstalled their App. Netcore helped create a complete backend data pipeline at MakeMyTrip’s internal systems. MakeMyTrip could update the list of uninstallers via API in real-time, create an AMP template and journey, and deploy them.

AMP feedback form

Netcore suggested that MakeMyTrip embed an interactive AMP feedback form within their emails.  Users could conveniently and quickly respond with the reasons for uninstalling, and no longer needed to navigate to an external survey platform.

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