Unleashing Profit: Strategies to Boost Average Order Values(AOV)
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Unleashing Profit: Strategies to Boost Average Order Values(AOV)

Published : January 29, 2024

Embarking on an Ecommerce journey hasn’t been a cakewalk, especially in the face of economic uncertainties. However, the resilience of the Ecommerce industry has been nothing short of inspiring. In the fast-paced world of Ecommerce, mastering profitability is not just about making sales—it’s about optimizing every transaction to its fullest potential. One key metric that holds the power to significantly impact your revenue and propel your business to new heights is the Average Order Value (AOV).

In this blog, we’ll unravel strategies that can transform your Ecommerce venture into a powerhouse by strategically boosting your AOV.

Understanding the Power of AOV

Before diving into those strategies, let’s grasp the essence of Average Order Value. AOV represents the average amount a customer spends per transaction on your Ecommerce platform. It’s not just a number; it’s a key indicator of customer behavior and a roadmap to maximizing revenue. It’s a measure that can strongly influence the nice revenue trajectory of your Ecommerce app.

Well, the crystal ball might be a bit foggy, but one thing is crystal clear – it’s time to rev up those AOV engines. Now that we’re in sync on what AOV is, let’s get to the best strategies to improve your AOV.

Crafting Your Ecommerce Triumph: Strategies for Success

1. Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategies

Your Ecommerce game needs a touch of magic. Introduce cross-selling by suggesting products that complement what’s already in the cart. And don’t forget the upsell – entice your customers with premium upgrades or irresistible add-ons. For the average business that offers upsells and recurring products, 70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewals. Only 5-30% come from the initial sale.

  • Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.
  • 70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewals on average (for companies who offer them).
  • Upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring a new customer.

Using the personalized approach to cross-sell and upsell across the customer journey not only helps create incremental revenue boost but also results in customer loyalty and retention. Every additional sale coming from cross-selling or upselling makes an impact on a company’s bottom line and adds to its success.

2. Hyper-personalized Omnichannel Recommendations

Personalized recommendations carefully designed to leverage customer data, are designed to suggest products in line with individual preferences and shopping history. They create a curated shopping experience tailored to each customer’s unique needs and tastes.

With Omnichannel Recommendations, the system tracks their recent browsing history, purchase frequency, and monetary value, and seamlessly suggests items aligned with their preferences via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and mobile app notifications, creating a cohesive and personalized shopping experience across all online communication channels.

These customized suggestions encourage customers to explore more items and enhance their shopping cart/ Or add more items that match their preferences, into their shopping cart. This ultimately boosts the Average Order Value (AOV). As you can see, personalization not only increases revenue but also nurtures a stronger bond between the brand and its customers.

3. Creating a Bundle with Value

Picture this: your customers are surfing through your app, and they stumble upon a bundle offer – a perfect storm of products at a discounted rate. Bundles not only add value but also make your customers feel like they’re catching the ultimate wave of savings.

This strategy is used to attract customers to a possible higher-value product thereby increasing revenue while making the buyer’s shopping experience more fulfilling.

4. Free Shipping – A Paradise for Higher AOVs

Customers love free shipping! Set a minimum order value, say INR 500, for free shipping and display how much more they need to add to their cart to qualify. This psychologically compelling strategy drives higher-value transactions and makes customers feel they’re obtaining a significant bargain. Witness the ship of savings set sail as customers add more items to their carts.

By doing this, you ensure a certain spending threshold, after which customers qualify for reduced or free shipping. It’s a psychologically compelling strategy that drives higher-value transactions by making customers feel they are obtaining a significant bargain.

5. Countdown Limited-Time Offers

Create a sense of urgency with limited-time discounts. The fear of missing out can work wonders in boosting your AOV. Consider running flash sales or promotions that run along with a countdown clock to encourage customers to make additional purchases to avail of the exclusive offer.

6. VIP Access and Loyalty Programs!

Establish loyalty programs that turn every purchase into a step towards exclusive benefits. Reward customer allegiance, and they’ll keep coming back for more; thus elevating your AOV with each visit. Exclusive discounts, early access to sales, or loyalty points…can be powerful incentives to increase customer spend.

Cohort analysis can highlight which user groups are more inclined towards brand loyalty. Armed with this data, businesses can introduce tailored loyalty programs, and offer exclusive benefits, discounts, or referral bonuses.

For cohorts showing higher loyalty tendencies, these programs can be an opportunity to further deepen their connection to the brand and make them not just ‘customers’ but ‘brand advocates.’

A good example of this is Sephora’s Beauty Insider program rewards customers for their loyalty. Members receive points for each purchase, and these points can be redeemed for exclusive products or discounts. This encourages customers to consolidate their purchases and spend more to unlock additional benefits.

7. Dynamic Discounts Symphony

Introduce dynamic discounts based on the total order value. The more customers buy, the more they save—a harmonious melody that resonates with your customers’ wallets. This strategy encourages customers to explore more products, ultimately boosting the Average Order Value.

8. Gamify the Shopping Adventure

Turn your Ecommerce app into a playground of savings. Implement gamification elements like spin-to-win wheels or scratch cards, giving your customers a chance to win discounts and adding excitement to their shopping journey. Gamification not only engages customers but also gets them to spend more.

9. Encouragement Post-Purchase

After the checkout applause, keep the momentum going. Recommend related products or exclusive post-purchase offers. It’s the after-party that keeps your customers dancing with delight. Post-purchase recommendations can drive additional sales and contribute to an increased AOV.

10. Inbox Commerce for maximizing AOV

With Inbox Commerce, emails are no longer static messages but dynamic platforms for engagement and shopping. Customers can browse products, make purchase decisions, and even evaluate options or chat with AI-powered chatbots without ever leaving their email interface! This eliminates the need for users to navigate external websites, reduces friction in the shopping process, and provides a more convenient, immersive, and visually engaging shopping experience.

In essence, Inbox Commerce enables brands to connect with customers in their inboxes in a way that not only enhances the shopping journey but also fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mastering the Ecommerce game is not just a goal—it’s an ongoing process of innovation and strategic implementation. In this dynamic Ecommerce universe, your ability to thrive lies in maximizing AOV. Implement these strategies judiciously, experiment, and let your Ecommerce journey be a testament to resilience and growth. Together, let’s shape the future of Ecommerce!

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