Inbox Commerce: The lesser-known innovation that’s driving sales in eCommerce
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Inbox Commerce: The lesser-known innovation that’s driving sales in eCommerce

Published : October 13, 2023

Explore a solution that not only breaks through the digital noise but also significantly boosts ecommerce sales. Put yourself in the shoes of any email user. Marketing emails, SMSes, promotional offers, and ads are assaulting your senses on every digital screen. Is it any wonder these marketing tools have become overpowering and have ceased to connect?

Yet the eCommerce industry must promote existing products, push new products, and consistently attract customer attention to stay in business. Since the target audience comprises discerning individual buyers, marketing messages demand innovative personalization. Individual buyers are most likely to ignore marketing emails; you are going to need something new that piques interest to make a sale.

And it’s called Inbox Commerce.

This article will explore how Inbox Commerce features, such as AMP for email technology, can drive massive engagement and conversion, even amongst a low-response audience.

What is Inbox Commerce?

The formal definition is: “Inbox Commerce is the practice of conducting transactions, advertising products/services, and engaging with customers through messaging sites/apps and emails.”

Inbox Commerce refers to selling and buying via a user’s email or messaging app inbox. A typical example would be AMP emails showcasing products and letting users choose and pay right within email. Similarly, brands can use a WhatsApp Business Account to offer their entire product catalog and accept payments within WhatsApp.

Inbox Commerce comes with an immense advantage – low/no lead leakage. Users do not have to click links within their email or messaging app to navigate to a website/app to do their shopping. There are literally no redirects in the customer funnel of Inbox Commerce.

Everything occurs within the email or the push message. Since there are no redirects, there is zero friction in the user journey. It translates into lower bounce rates, higher engagement, and more purchases.

How Inbox Commerce accelerates engagement and conversion

Showcase products with dynamic images

Inbox Commerce lets brands display their products – with images and animated GIFs – within email. You can show multiple views of an item, internal parts, and color variants via a carousel of multiple images that the users can swipe through quickly.

AMP carousel - Netcore Cloud

Allow friction-free customer engagement

Inbox Commerce lets businesses facilitate transactions within emails. Users no longer have to leave their inbox to pick a product and make the payment. They can do everything, from searching for and choosing products, adding to a cart, entering details, and clicking ‘Buy Now’ – all within a single email. They can also post comments, reply to comments, share their feedback, and more.

Shop within emails - Netcore Cloud

Allow quick product searches

Customers can look for the exact item they want without leaving their inbox. Inbox Commerce empowers email to carry fully functional search features and display the entire product catalog. People can just open an email, type in keywords (with auto-complete helping them), and find exactly what they want. They can also save or shortlist products if they need more time for decisions.

Once again, no redirection to websites/apps comes into play.

Quick product searches with inbox commerce - Netcore Cloud

Display self-updating information

Inbox Commerce allows emails to carry self-updating information for events, sales, delivery status, special offer/limited-time promo countdowns, polls, etc. For example, let’s say you’ve emailed folks that a ‘50% off’ sale ends in 5 days. But, if they open the email two days later, they’ll see the email announcing that the sale ends in 3 days.

Inbox Commerce empowers emails to reach into your database backends, extract the latest data, and display it to users. They can be used to show real-time content for promotional event updates, poll participation numbers, live statistics on purchases, and moving trends – the possibilities are endless.

Live package tracking within amp emails - Netcore Cloud

Reduce cart abandonment

Abandoned cart? Inbox Commerce doesn’t just help businesses nudge users to click ‘Buy’; it makes abandoned cart recovery more effective.

Inbox Commerce addresses cart abandonment by facilitating quick and easy purchases. Emails can draw attention to the abandoned cart, offer the ease of entering payment details, and help finish the purchase quickly within the inbox. Since convenience is the greatest driver to completing any action, the simple act of putting everything into the email has shown more abandoned carts being recovered.

Reduce cart abandonment with inbox commerce - Netcore Cloud

Delight customers with gamification

Emails empowered by Inbox Commerce can contain simple games with rewards – a quick and effective way to brighten up the customer’s day and gain some brownie points for your brand.

eCommerce brands can use games like spin-the-wheel and pick-a-door, with a reward (special discounts, exclusive promo codes) at the end, to get users excited and engaged with brand offerings.

Power up your email with gamified offers - Netcore Cloud

Survey for ratings, comments, and suggestions

Inbox Commerce also enables the use of in-email forms that can seek different kinds of responses – star ratings, number ratings, comments, suggestion boxes for free (open-ended) text inputs, etc.

Generally, users don’t show much enthusiasm in providing feedback. But once again, in-email forms make this activity simple and fast, which makes more people likely to engage in it.

survey of rating, comments and suggestions in email forms - Netcore cloud

Craft compelling teasers and trailers

Sales? Discounts? Delicious deals? Special events? You can leverage Inbox Commerce to promote upcoming events, product drops, seasonal promotions, and more in uniquely creative ways.

Display colors, animations, and hi-res images in a gallery that auto-swipes or allows the user to explore. Liven up announcements with countdown timers, real-time updates of the number of people buying a product, and dynamically refreshed user reviews to stay memorable. Since most emails don’t come with these elements, customers will remember your brand as it stands out in their inbox with such innovations.

Craft compelling teasers and trailers - Netcore Cloud

Make customers happier and sell more through Inbox Commerce

Yes, and we do have proof for what we claim. Check out some of our clients’ success stories driven by AMP for email technology, the heart of Inbox Commerce:

Woodland drives up customer response by 325% using AMP emails via the Netcore Journey Builder

MoneyTap achieves a 13X uplift in customer engagement and a 63% interaction on CTA through Netcore AMP emails

EaseMyTrip achieves a whopping 571% uplift in engagement with Netcore’s AMP Journey Automation

Photobook drives 400% ROI, increases interactions by 860%, and reactivated 100K+ dormant users with Netcore’s AMP email/automation

– Tata-owned StarQuik increases customer feedback and interaction by 700% with Netcore AMP-powered email

eCommerce can soar to great heights with Inbox Commerce. Want to give it a shot? Reach out to us and let’s talk about the specifics of how Inbox Commerce can transform your marketing efforts and skyrocket your ROI. You will understand how you can benefit from our expertise and experience—we send over 20 billion emails a month on behalf of 6500+ businesses across 40 countries.

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