The Next Level of Ecommerce Catalog Management: No Code Merchandising Triggers
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Juhi Nath
Juhi Nath

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The Next Level of Ecommerce Catalog Management: No Code Merchandising Triggers

Published : January 23, 2024 | Updated : April 25, 2024

The checkout line in brick-and-mortar stores displays products that customers might otherwise miss. This is a well-known upsell strategy in traditional retail. But in the era of digital transformation and ecommerce, there are an estimated 2.64 billion online shoppers globally, each with unique preferences and interests shaped by personal research and a wide variety of interests, all from the comfort of their personal devices.

The current ecommerce landscape perfectly encapsulates the information age. With each potential customer thinking so individually, the vanilla checkout display approach no longer suffices. Instead, the modern and highly informed shopper requires a customer-first, personalized approach.

What your next loyal customer expects is updated catalog communication. Internet users like it, businesses like it, and marketers know this.

So, why isn’t it more widely adopted, and if a brand does deliver such communication, why isn’t it more personalized?

The answer: Time and Complexity.

Michael from Minnesota and Anu from Ahmedabadi have different preferences. Michael lives in the cold Mid-western winters, while Anu experiences the sub-tropical heat. Michael prefers puffer jackets, parkas, and weighted blankets, all of which Anu has no use for in Ahmedabad. Now, consider adding just a few thousand more customers, each with unique preferences that diverge from those of Michael and Anu.

This is a minuscule instance of the vast complexity of creating dynamic user profiles to identify smart segments and subsequently craft campaign journeys to engage with your customers meaningfully.

Now let’s consider the next concern, extracting relevant catalog updates from a stream of product data. Even before that, one needs to painstakingly collate a catalog, which would involve taking physical counts to update current inventory and manually identifying and categorizing SKUs. This itself is arduous, add to that a stream of inbound catalog updates you receive from other sources across the sales funnel like your CMS and Online Marketplaces, it makes the task near impossible at worst and exceedingly time-consuming at best.


No Code Merchandising Triggers

The Netcore No Code Merchandising Trigger feature solves the three key problems of initiating catalog-driven and personalized campaigns with real-time catalog changes:

Problem 1: Inventory Management and catalog understanding

Problem 2: Time taken in setting up catalog-based triggers

Problem 3: Complex channel Integrations

Let’s examine each of these points further:

Solution 1: Inventory updates straight to engagement platform

Netcore’s CEE unlocks powerful capabilities. It introduces triggers based on catalog information and integrates product data from various channels, all of which are supported by product information management. It efficiently extracts updates, as frequently as every 15 minutes from sources such as Google Shopping Catalogue, AWS Marketplace, and Flipkart Marketplace. Once Category and Catalog intelligence are extracted, merchandisers and marketers can deploy built-in triggers to orchestrate journeys and enable real-time marketing communication on catalog changes.

Empowering real-time merchandising communication - Netcore Cloud

Solution 2: Triggers for Merchandising Events in With No-code

Behavioral Event-based Triggers are a mainstay of any good marketing strategy, however, merchandising triggers go that coveted extra mile. Merchandising triggers leverage product data to deliver catalog changes through campaigns that are tailored to each customer’s unique preferences and behaviors.

For example, if a product in your catalog decreases in price, a merchandising trigger will pick up on that price drop activity and notify customers who viewed but did not buy that product in the last 30 days.

Normally setting this up would entail manually defining merchandising events for triggers. With No-code Merchandising Trigger, the 5 most effective triggers are built into the journey orchestration dashboard, namely:

1. Back in Stock Alerts

Immediately alert customers when products they’ve been waiting for are back in stock.

2. Price Drops

Automatically inform customers when the price of a product they’ve expressed interest in decreases.

3. New Arrivals

Introduce customers to the latest additions to your inventory as soon as they arrive.

4. Notify Me/View

Let customers request notifications when specific products become available or when they wish to see updates about particular items.

5. Low Stock Alert

Proactively notify customers of dwindling inventory levels. This fosters a sense of urgency to enhance conversions.

As you can see setting up a trigger for campaigns is truly just a click away, as demonstrated below.

Merchandising Events with No-code Triggers- Custom Campaigns for Dynamic Catalog Changes

Solution 3: Take it across channels and beyond

Now, let’s take this perfect culmination of customer and catalog intelligence to the right customer segments.

Netcore Gen AI’s capabilities analyze behavioral data and trends to predict which customer segments are most likely to perform an activity such as purchase in the next 30 days. No-code Merchandising Triggers when combined with the depth of customer profiles already save a lot of time. Now add this to your engagement platform along with the capability of engaging via multiple channels. Additionally, identify the ideal marketing channels for every micro-segment. You have now saved enough time to celebrate because record-breaking sales are very likely to come your way!

Elevating Engagement Across Channels with Predictive Behavioral Analysis Enabling Omnichannel Success- No-code Merchandising Trigger Automates Campaigns

To ensure all your campaigns are genuinely omnichannel, the intuitive journey orchestration comes equipped with channel integrations. Some of the channels included, AMP Email, App Push, Web Push,  WhatsApp, RCS, SMS, and I-message, you get the idea. Every. Imaginable. Channel.

With all channels covered, and appropriate audiences identified, No-code Merchandising Trigger will automate your campaign success alongside the merchandising campaigns themself.

Cultivating Success One Merchandising Trigger at a Time

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, delivering tailored communication and real-time adaptability is a power-packed combination. Yet, it’s often easier said than done. Thankfully, now No-code Merchandising Triggers address all the fundamental challenges of inventory management, trigger setup, and complex channel integrations. With such automated inventory updates and real-time merchandising campaign orchestration, impressive power is in your hands.

To truly scale your marketing efforts, consider leveraging a robust ecommerce marketing platform. Book a demo today to discover how it can transform your business.

Designed for the smart marketer, the one who stays ahead of the curve and understands that success lies in adapting to dynamic customer preferences, this tool isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about pioneering the way forward. It enables you to offer highly personalized and efficient experiences for every customer.

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Written By: Juhi Nath
Juhi Nath
Product Marketer at Netcore Cloud