White Teak experienced 16.61X ROI with Netcore Cloud’s CEE

White Teak experienced 16.61X ROI with Netcore Cloud’s CEE

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The White Teak Company, renowned for its opulent lighting and home décor, seamlessly blends artistic craftsmanship with innovative design. A go-to choice for homeowners and interior designers alike, our collection elevates living spaces with unmatched elegance.

Industry: D2C

Location: Pan-India

Category: Customer Engagement, PX, AMP

Solutions used: Journey, Web, and Email Automation, Push Notifications


The brand wanted a solution that would help them reach and increase diverse online customers across multiple marketing channels to increase both online and retail footfall. They were looking for a Digital Experience platform that would automate their ‘on’ and ‘offsite’ user journeys to reach out to customers to promote first purchases, retention, and ultimately upsell and cross-sell.

Their primary goals were:

  • Improving Customer Lifecycle by understanding user drop-off points
  • Optimizing the omnichannel experience
  • Successful transition from offline to online shopping experience



White Teak chose Netcore Cloud to automate their marketing campaigns and to weave in customer intelligence across user interactions to deliver a delightful customer journey, online and in-store.

Automated journeys enhanced their customer experience. When users visit particular pages on their website or complete a specific activity, automated web push notifications and emails are triggered to nudge them to convert at each stage of the user journey.

Additionally, the nudges delivered the dual benefit of promoting conversions and frictionless onboarding as well as promoting store visits.

Web messages were deployed for exit intent and the automated email recommendations made the customer journey memorable even after they checked out.

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