Malaysian telecom giant, Celcom chooses Netcore as it’s customer engagement and retention platform

Celcom aims to scale personalized customer engagement to its mammoth customer base through Netcore’s Email Automation Platform

Netcore exerts dominance in the Southeast Asian region by adding Celcom to their list of clients

Celcom made the switch from in-house set up to exploit the expertise of Netcore in email

Celcom, the Malaysian oldest telecom player, has selected Netcore, the world’s leading martech platform of choice to enhance customer engagement and retention through Netcore’s AI-powered email marketing platform.

Celcom will leverage AI-Powered Email Delivery and Automation

Email as a channel has always been an integral part of the customer engagement journey at Celcom. Netcore’s best-in-class platform coupled with more than two decades of expertise and thought leadership will empower Celcom to harness email as their top-performing engagement channel.

Netcore stood out due to exceptional customer success expertise and KPI ownership

Netcore has the unique advantage of having worked with some of the biggest brands in the region on an accountable model of KPI ownership. The customer success team comprises vertical experts who work with brands to drive those KPIs and report on them, which adds a dependable layer of accountability and shared ownership, resulting in guaranteed results.

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