How interactive emails work as a website or an app to drive conversions within the inbox
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How interactive emails work as a website or an app to drive conversions within the inbox

Published : October 4, 2023

Marketers often face the challenge of making their emails stand out and drive engagement with their campaigns. What if there was a way to bring interactivity while making emails fun? This blog will help you discover how interactive emails bring a website/app-like interactive experience inside the inbox and boost conversions and ROI from email campaigns.

What is interactive email?

AMP is a framework that brings dynamic and interactive features inside email. It allows users to complete several actions like filling out registration forms, viewing interactive product catalogs, staying updated with real-time information, scheduling appointments, and many more without leaving their inboxes. It reduces friction in customer journeys, accelerating engagement and conversion.

Why should marketers adopt interactive email?

Interactive emails offer several compelling reasons for adoption, and among those, here are the top five:

Unmatched ROI

Email marketing promises a remarkable return of $42 for every dollar invested. Interactive email boosts it further.

Widened scope of emails

Marketers can include a lot more use cases and create web/app-like experiences within interactive emails.

Low competition

According to a Litmus survey, only 17% of global brands are using interactive emails. By introducing interactive emails, brands can gain first mover advantage and make their emails stand out in the clutter.

Increased conversion

Dynamic elements and a ‘single-window’ experience enable users to act inside interactive emails, reducing friction.

Reduced drop-offs

Interactive emails minimize drop-offs as users interact within the inbox. There are no redirects to web pages or external elements like forms etc.

With interactive emails powered by Netcore, brands across industries and geographies have experienced phenomenal uplift in performance. Here’s a glimpse of what they achieved:

Moneytap – 1300% spurt in user engagement with periodic payments calculator

Asian Paints – 400% increase in responses to interactive forms

Pepe Jeans – 1100% growth in responses with feedback forms – 500% jump in lead generation with inquiry forms

MakeMyTrip – 600% surge in engagement with feedback forms

Flower Chimp – 323% boost in in-mail actions using carousels

What are the different ways in which interactive emails can create a website- or app-like experience?

Here are the top 7 use cases of interactive experiences:

1. Forms

Users can input data, select options, and submit their responses, while brands can plan their subsequent messaging based on the interest shown or information shared.

Event registration forms - Interactive email - Netcore

2. Carousels

Users can swipe or click through various slides and view sections of information at their own pace. Senders can draw valuable insights on user preferences/interests based on the slides they engage the most with.

Carousel - Interactive email - Netcore

3. Product Display

Users can actively engage with catalogs, viewing products from different angles and accessing additional information as required. Brands can customize follow-up communication, recommendations, and promotions based on user behavior.

Product catalogue and checkouts - Interactive Email - Netcore

4. Accordion

Users can expand or contract the relevant section (specific information/details of interest). Senders can display comprehensive information in a well-organized manner without cluttering the layout/design of the email.

Accordion apparel - Interactive email - Netcore

5. Gamification

Users can interact with fun and engaging content in the form of quizzes, puzzles, spin-the-wheel games, and more. By rewarding users with deals/offers, brands can encourage them to move along the conversion funnel.

Brand Specific games - Interactive email - Netcore

6. Survey/ Feedback

Users can quickly fill out survey/ feedback forms and share their thoughts, concerns, or suggestions without leaving their inboxes. Brands can gain an understanding of customer preferences, pain points, and overall satisfaction. They can use such data-driven insights to improve their products/services.

Feedback survey apparel - Interactive email - Netcore

7. Rating

Users can express their feelings or satisfaction level in a matter of seconds, while brands can use positive ratings as testimonials and negative ones to understand the shortcomings, improve upon them, and serve customers better.

Rating - Interactive email - Netcore

How can marketers send their first interactive email campaign?

Sending out an interactive email campaign involves the following:

1. Whitelist domain

Get your domain and sender id approved by ESPs

2. Build the interactive email

Build an interactive email template and fallback html version.

3. Test the interactive email

Use Gmail’s AMP for email playground to preview and send interactive emails to your own Gmail id.

4. Launch the interactive email

Send out the interactive emails to your audience.

What are some of the brands that have experienced outstanding results with interactive email campaigns?

More than 50 global brands partner with Netcore to send interactive emails. Here are a few of the recent campaigns:


Myntra collaborated with Netcore to create an interactive email campaign aimed at enhancing user experience and engagement. The campaign featured trendy fashion looks inspired by the Grammy Awards and included a short, user-friendly survey within the interactive emails, enabling users to provide essential details like name, birthdate, and gender directly from their inbox.

The interactive email campaign witnessed a 140% lift in survey response rates.

Myntra use case - interactive email campaigns - Netcore


EaseMyTrip, a leading online travel platform, partnered with Netcore to implement interactive emails to enhance user interaction and feedback collection. Netcore helped EaseMyTrip with the end-to-end implementation of the interactive email campaign: preparing the creative with a built-in feedback form, doing multiple testing, and executing the emails at various points of the user journey.

The interactive email campaign witnessed a whopping 571% increase in engagement and 331% uplift in response.

EaseMyTrip - interactive email campaign - Netcore

What are some of the futuristic innovations in interactive emails that Netcore is working on?

Payment inside email

Interactive emails can enable users to place products in carts and complete the purchase inside email. A few of the use cases enriched with payment options are subscription renewal, flight/hotel booking, and investment.

Amplets in footers

Brands can catch the user’s attention by adding interactivity to email footers. Such footer examples include zero-party data collection, ratings, feedback collection, banner ads display, and gamification.

Generative AI in emails

Businesses can embed AI-powered chatbots inside interactive emails to engage and assist customers. Some of the use cases are: exploring itineraries while planning to travel, after-sales assistance, and query resolution.

What services does Netcore offer to execute interactive email campaigns?

Netcore’s AI-powered email ecosystem enables you to scale your interactive email campaigns with:

DIY AMP editor

A no-code drag-and-drop editor with pre-built templates for interactive email creation.

Pre-packaged AMPlets

Plugin interactive email elements in the email footers


Convertor for transforming conventional HTML templates to interactive email templates

Cred Consulting

Custom interactive email campaigns with the assistance of Netcore’s Customer Success and Product teams


Collaboration with our product-led agency to create interactive email campaigns at scale.


Interactive email is a highly potent technology in driving marketing success—with every click, scroll, and interaction, interactive email supercharges the campaigns, leading to stronger customer relationships and therefore maximizing conversions.

Our clients have witnessed up to a staggering 1000% boost in ROI. 50+ top-notch brands, such as MakeMyTrip, Tata-owned StarQuik, Axis Securities, and Asian Paints, across industries partner with the Netcore AI-powered email platform to roll out interactive emails and boost their ROI.

We have handled more than a billion interactive emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns. Our email wizards consult with you to achieve your specific KPIs and email marketing goals.

Connect with us to understand how you can benefit from our expertise and experience – we send over 20 billion emails a month on behalf of 6500+ businesses across 40 countries.

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