Supercharging Customer Engagement by 571% with AMP Emails & Journey Automation
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Anusha Nambiar
Anusha Nambiar

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Supercharging Customer Engagement by 571% with AMP Emails & Journey Automation

Published : August 9, 2023

Email marketing is one effective tool that has proven its worth time and again in engaging and converting users. With its broad reach and cost-effectiveness, email marketing has become integral to every marketer’s toolkit. However, marketers need to adopt new and interactive email strategies to stand out from the clutter and achieve high engagement rates.

This blog talks about a real-life result of using AMP emails in combination with journey automation. We decipher how EaseMyTrip, a leading online travel company, leveraged the duo to achieve a staggering 571% uplift in customer engagement.

EaseMyTrip campaigns comprised conventional static emails with CTA buttons. The buttons redirected users to their official website for feedback and queries. However, this approach posed several challenges.

The foremost challenge was low click-to-open rates (CTOR). The static emails were not powerful enough to drive more people to visit the webpage and reduced user interaction. It also meant drop-offs leading to valuable lead leakages.

The second hurdle was limited user sentiment analysis. Gathering post-purchase user sentiments was crucial for EaseMyTrip to improve its services and understand customer needs. However, the conventional email strategy couldn’t fetch a high number of feedback from customers.

The next issue to tackle was providing a seamless email experience that did not involve redirecting the users to a web page.

To overcome these challenges, EaseMyTrip partnered with Netcore, the leading marketing automation platform, to implement AMP for email and automate the customer journey. AMP enables interactive and dynamic content within emails, allowing users to engage without leaving the inbox.

The solution was to create visually appealing AMP emails with embedded interactive elements like feedback forms.

Before sending out the amp emails, EaseMyTrip conducted rigorous testing to ensure compatibility and optimal performance across various email clients and devices.

An AMP-powered feedback form embedded within the email was one of the key components of the campaign. When a customer made a travel or accommodation booking with EaseMyTrip, Netcore’s Journey Builder triggered the AMP email. The built-in feedback form in it allowed customers to share their feedback without being redirected.

The triggered AMP emails resulted in a 571% uplift in engagement rates. Customers were more inclined to interact with them, leading to increased clicks, opens, and overall engagement.

Secondly, the AMP-powered feedback form enabled EaseMyTrip to gather valuable customer sentiments more effectively, from a 331% increase in responses. The streamlined process within the email eliminated the need for users to navigate to their website.

Here’s what Samreen Robab, Sr. Executive – Digital Marketing at EaseMyTrip, has to say about their journey with Netcore’s AMP-powered email solution:

“Netcore’s AMP-powered emails made it simple for us to gather customer feedback smoothly without any redirects. We saw a 331% uplift in response by using AMP email. I highly recommend this when you want to communicate effectively and efficiently with your users. Thank you, Netcore, for helping us achieve this growth.”

EaseMyTrip’s success stands testimony to the immense potential of AMP emails for increasing user interaction. Marketers can achieve much by adopting AMP for email: create immersive experiences, enhance engagement rates, and gather valuable user insights. With its seamless and interactive experience, AMP email is undoubtedly a game-changer for email marketing.

50+ top-notch brands, such as YourStory, Axis Securities, and CaratLane, across industries partner with the Netcore AI-powered email platform, to roll out AMP emails and boost their ROI. We have sent more than a billion AMP emails across 200+ highly successful campaigns. Our AMP email wizards consult to achieve your specific KPIs and email marketing goals.

Netcore makes creating AMP emails easy. You can even design custom use cases on your own using the Netcore no-code, drag-and-drop editor in just three clicks.

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Written By: Anusha Nambiar
Anusha Nambiar
Executive Product Marketer