Beyond showcasing: Inbox Commerce sparkles in jewelry and accessories marketing
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Beyond showcasing: Inbox Commerce sparkles in jewelry and accessories marketing

Published : January 9, 2024 | Updated : May 6, 2024

The jewelry and accessories industry faces unique challenges when marketing products online. Communicating the intricacies and true allure of ornaments through images and videos online can be tricky. The need for high-quality visuals that accurately depict product details such as sparkle, texture, and scale is very critical in digital marketing. Discover effective marketing strategies for Jewelry and Accessories.

In a market valuing physical touch and attention, providing an immersive, personalized online shopping experience is essential. Creating a seamless, intuitive, and interactive online shopping journey becomes crucial to meet or surpass this experience. Standing out among numerous competing brands requires unique storytelling, distinct branding, and innovative marketing strategies for jewelry and accessories.

Technology, creativity, and a customer-centric approach ensure a seamless online shopping experience for jewelry and accessories customers. These brands, too, need a solution that can engage users differently and help conversion with the least effort.

Enter Inbox Commerce.

Let us examine how this new marketing technology can help the jewelry and accessories industry accelerate customer engagement and conversions in the short and long term.

What is Inbox Commerce?

Inbox Commerce denotes marketing products/services, innovatively engaging with customers, and conducting transactions inside RCS, WhatsApp, and AMP-powered emails.

Inbox Commerce focuses on simplifying the customer experience to make it convenient for users to interact with brands. Customers can effortlessly buy products/services without being redirected to a site or app.. Marketers can also leverage features like filling out forms, redeeming discounts, leaving reviews, etc.

Messages empowered with Inbox Commerce let users experience website or app-like functions inside the message instead of clicking out to a website or an app.

The success of Inbox Commerce comes from three technologies – RCS (Rich Communication Services), WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email. Together, they underpin Inbox Commerce, becoming the key tech combination for unconventional marketing and conversion.

With RCS – a dynamic, visually rich messaging platform, WhatsApp’s ubiquitous reach, and the interactive capabilities of AMP for Email, brands can captivate customers with immersive, personalized experiences, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and allure of their products like never before. The Inbox Commerce trifecta offers jewelry and accessories businesses a unique chance to enchant, engage, and convert audiences elegantly.

Showcase jewelry from the best possible angles

Brands spend significant money photographing their articles to showcase them in the best light and include them in marketing messages. However, if users must exit the message and visit a website or app to view images, most don’t bother, leading to drop-offs.

With Inbox Commerce, brands can push these images directly to customers using one or more media they will look at. People often check their SMS, WhatsApp, and email inboxes by default. When they see your marketing message in one of those inboxes, they are more likely to open it.

RCS, WhatsApp messages, and AMP emails can include high-res images, GIFs, and videos. Feel free to display accessories and jewelry from every gorgeous perspective so customers know what you’re offering.

Send explainer videos to help customers out

Several jewelry brands create explainer videos on figuring out the ring size. Providing information like this isn’t about making a sale but to help customers, which leads to more future sales.

Use elements of Inbox Commerce to send relevant content to your audience. RCS, WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email can innately carry full-length videos.

Users can click on the video and watch it entirely within the message or email. They don’t have to connect to a third-party site (like YouTube) to view the content.

Present social proof

Assure customers that they are choosing well by showcasing user reviews of your products. Customers trust user reviews because, aside from product quality, they have no other reason to support a brand after purchasing.

Use Inbox Commerce to prominently showcase customer reviews and images of the jewelry they purchased. It creates a direct association between the jewelry or accessory and the positive review, making your audience more likely to buy it.

Since Inbox Commerce also allows transactions within messages and email, users can purchase their chosen products directly without navigating to a website.

Narrate stories about the origin of your jewelry

Where do you source your rubies from? Does the process adhere to ethical standards and care about the well-being of the people doing the hard work of unearthing these gems?

In 2023 and beyond, customers are more conscious than ever of the impact caused by their purchases. Create content around the origin of your jewels, and send them across using Inbox Commerce. Customers are more interested than ever in brand values, so this marketing narrative will help them value and invest in a particular brand over others.

Combine offline presence with online service

Not everyone feels comfortable dropping a big chunk of change via online shopping. When it comes to jewelry, you’ll always have people who’d instead buy in person.

Don’t miss out on this segment – use Inbox Commerce to encourage offline sales as well. Using RCS, WhatsApp Business, and AMP emails, display videos/images of your brick-and-mortar stores and the in-person service customers can expect when they walk in.

Provide close-ups of the products in the store, the authentication mechanisms, and the customization options available. Let people know how good their shopping experience would be at all your establishments (online or offline).

Remind customers about special occasions

Is Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day coming up?

Remind customers, a few days before, to pick up something special for the special one in their lives via RCS/WhatsApp messages or AMP emails. Include alluring images of select items that fit the occasion, and let them make purchases directly within the message or email.

Win over customers faster and more efficiently with Inbox Commerce

Inbox Commerce – RCS, WhatsApp Business, and AMP for email – simplifies the process of exploring and purchasing jewelry and accessories in ways not experienced by customers so far. Not only does it become effortless to browse and buy products within messages and emails, but brands can also use these channels to provide instant and highly responsive support.

They can promptly answer questions, help customers select the perfect accessories, and leverage interactive content such as polls, quizzes, puzzles, and gamification to keep them engaged and interested in your brand assets.

Inbox Commerce is at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies tailored for the jewelry and accessories industry. It has revolutionized customer engagement by seamlessly integrating the three powerful channels users prefer the most.

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