Inbox Commerce Unleashed: The Renaissance of Email Marketing
Written by
Rishi Malhotra

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Inbox Commerce Unleashed: The Renaissance of Email Marketing

Published : August 4, 2023 | Updated : May 06, 2024


In our fast-paced digital landscape, moments of stagnation are a rarity. Marketing channels continuously adapt to shifting consumer behavior, leaving behind what was once cutting-edge and popular. Recently, Twitter experienced a noticeable decline since Elon Musk’s acquisition. However it was previously at the forefront of social channels, particularly popular amongst tech-savvy individuals and Gen Z. The platform has witnessed a significant 50% loss of its top advertisers since then. This decline can be attributed to the rising costs of customer acquisition and a rapidly diminishing return on ad spending.

Many leading companies headed by talented business executives have clung to acquisition strategies despite their lackluster outcomes. Astonishingly, even today, 44% of companies prioritize customer acquisition over customer retention. This is a cause for concern, especially considering that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a staggering 95% increase in profits. Furthermore, customer acquisition costs have surged by 60% in the past five years. This trend should force business leaders to rethink their growth strategies.

On the other hand, email, once considered a relic of the past, has experienced a renaissance thanks to a technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for email. Not only has this revitalized the potential of email, but it has also unlocked an exciting new avenue for growth: Inbox Commerce. In this blog, we will explore the vast potential of inbox commerce and delve into the underlying technology, retail strategies that marketers can harness, and the tangible benefits that result from their successful implementation. Additionally, we will present many fascinating case studies from diverse direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce brands operating in this realm. So without further ado, let’s jump into the captivating world of Inbox Commerce.

What is Inbox Commerce?

In a world where brand emails inundate our inboxes, often filled with static content and external links, the concept of inbox commerce powered by AMP for Email presents a refreshing alternative. This innovative approach eliminates the need to navigate away from the inbox for simple tasks. It facilitates seamless interaction between brands and customers. With the implementation of AMP for Email, actions such as adding items to the cart yield instant updates within the email itself and create a frictionless shopping experience that delights customers.

By embracing the possibilities of Inbox Commerce, brands can cultivate stronger connections with their audience, elevate customer satisfaction, and achieve unprecedented sales.  A prime example of this success is “Myntra,” India’s foremost direct-to-consumer fashion retailer under the Walmart umbrella. By adopting inbox commerce, they achieved a remarkable 140% increase in survey responses. Myntra’s AMP-powered email campaign was recognized with the prestigious “Best Use of Interactive Email” award at the MediaPost EIS awards in Q4 2022 – solidifying the impact of this innovative strategy.
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What Does an AMP Email Look Like?

Brands can incorporate the entire shopping journey, from product discovery to making a purchase decision and fostering customer loyalty, all within an email. Furthermore, brands can customize their daily interactions to cater to each individual, using insights from the shopper’s browsing habits, previous purchases, and demographic details.

Oyo's implementation of inbox commerce

AMP has enabled emails to function like mini-websites. Oyo’s customers can search, navigate the different accommodation offerings, compare, and even book their stays-through emails.

Thus, the advent of AMP-driven Inbox Commerce ushers in a new era for direct-to-consumer (D2C)  brands. Now that we have understood what inbox commerce is, let’s go through some use cases that cannot be ignored by marketers today.

Inbox Commerce Use Cases

Within the stages of a customer journey, there exists a multitude of opportunities to engage, activate, and retain customers. The following six form a comprehensive list of actionable tactics that brands can implement to achieve these objectives.

  • Product Carousels
  • Send personalized product carousels directly to your shopper’s inbox. Each carousel can be curated to match that customer’s unique preferences and ensure higher conversion rates. Analyze their catalog affinity, keep track of their evolving tastes, and refine the recommendations in the carousel to stay up-to-date with the customer’s interests. Through continuous behavior-driven enhancements, these carousel curations remain relevant and engaging. They deliver a shopping experience like never before using this technique, making your shoppers the first to explore new collections and best sellers.

    Interactive product carousels powered by Inbox Commerce

  • Cart Recovery Mailers
  • Increase customer engagement.  Send shoppers abandoned-cart-emails with a unique interactive twist. Study your customers’ preference data, and create highly personalized emails that cater precisely to those specific preferences. That’s the power of AMP emails. Incorporate product recommendations tailored to their specific wants and needs. This will boost conversion rates. This personalized approach will not only entice shoppers to return to their abandoned carts and complete their purchases but also foster a stronger connection with your brand.

    Cart recovery emails powered by Inbox Commerce

  • Appointment Booking
  • AMP-driven Inbox Commerce revolutionizes the shopping experience because it seamlessly integrates the web and app features inside the shoppers’ inboxes. Take a look at these specific use cases. The use case shown below enables email recipients to effortlessly book appointments without ever having to leave their inboxes. Wow! Streamlining the process enhances convenience and encourages higher engagement.

    Appointment booking powered by Inbox Commerce

  • Delivery Tracking
  • AMP emails track deliveries and allow real-time monitoring of package status directly within the email itself. By embedding dynamic content and interactive elements, you can allow recipients to view shipping updates, estimated arrival times, and delivery confirmations instantly… all without leaving their inboxes. This enhances customer satisfaction, reduces support inquiries, and provides a seamless and engaging shopping experience.

    Delivery tracking, powered by Inbox Commerce

  • Search & Discovery
  • In an AMP email, users can perform product searches and explore various offerings without ever leaving the email. In an AMP email, you can integrate interactive components, so recipients can input search queries, view product suggestions, and access relevant content, all right within the email interface itself. This feature enhances convenience, increases user engagement, and fosters a seamless shopping experience. It ultimately drives higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

    Search and discovery emails powered by Inbox Commerce

  • In-Mail Games
  • With in-mail gamification in inbox commerce, you can introduce interactive games directly within the email interface. Users can play the game, earn rewards, and unlock exclusive offers, all without leaving their inboxes. This gamified experience enhances engagement, encourages repeated interactions, and creates a sense of excitement; it drives higher click-through rates and fosters a deeper connection between the brand and the recipients.

    In mail gamification powered by Inbox Commerce


    Inbox Commerce powered by AMP for Email has emerged as a game-changer for direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses and retailers. It offers a new realm of possibilities to engage customers and drive sales. It eliminates the need to navigate away from the inbox for simple tasks. It provides a seamless and frictionless shopping experience that enhances customer satisfaction.

    Throughout this blog, we explored the potential of inbox commerce and the technology behind it. From personalized recommendations to interactive shopping experiences, Inbox Commerce powered by AMP for Email enables marketers to forge stronger connections with their audience and drive tangible results. As inbox commerce continues to gain momentum, businesses need to embrace this transformative approach and seize the opportunities it presents. By staying ahead of the curve with  AMP for Email, brands can establish themselves as industry leaders, enhance customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth.

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    Written By: Rishi Malhotra