Netcore’s AMP email/automation help Photobook drive 400% ROI, increase interactions by 860% and reactivate 100K+ dormant users

Netcore’s AMP email/automation help Photobook drive 400% ROI, increase interactions by 860% and reactivate 100K+ dormant users

Key Results
Increase in ROI
Uplift in interactions
Increase in active users


Established in 2005, Photobook Worldwide helps people preserve memories in customizable, premium printed photo albums. They serve over 100 countries through offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Photobook Worldwide produces about 150,000 photobooks a month, and they have printed over 1 million of them till now.

Industry: eCommerce

Location: Malaysia

Category: Email

Solution used: AMP emails, Email Marketing


Photobook had a growing need to increase business revenue quickly and efficiently. They wanted to address users with diminishing attention spans, enhance engagement with the existing customer base, and regain users who had interacted with the brand at some point. Netcore suggested email as the most reachable and highest revenue-generating channel.

Primary challenges:

  • Address users’ diminishing attention span
  • Increase engagement with active users
  • Reactivate the dormant set of customers 
  • Identify the right group of users to re-engage
  • Curate unique content to boost engagement
  • Align campaigns with the marketing calendar


Photobook and Netcore executed a set of interactive email campaigns in Q2 2023. . Engaging content, personalized recommendations, and interactive elements drove a significant uplift in active users, increased engagement from low-interest groups, and led to higher conversions and revenue.
Photobook followed Netcore’s guidance to identify clear and unique segments of customers using the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) strategy:

  • Users who opened emails in the past 120 days but did not open any in the last 60 days (most likely to re-engage)
  • Users who opened emails in the past 180 days but did not open any in the last 90 days (somewhat likely to re-engage)
  • Users who have never opened any emails (least likely to re-engage)

Photobook leveraged Netcore’s AMP interactive emails to focus on engagement and gamification rather than selling. They developed custom HTML templates for:

  • Product Carousel: to remind users of what they had been missing out on while they were away. The interactive carousel showcased new product offerings inside the email.
  • Spin the Wheel: to incentivize users to interact and engage with the email campaign. Users spun the wheel to win an exciting coupon code they could redeem on the site.
  • Interactive Quiz: to make users more familiar with the brand and the benefits associated with it. Successfully completing the quiz led users to the brand’s top products.

Photobook’s re-engagement email campaigns from Netcore resolved the challenge of capturing users’ diminishing attention, increased their interaction, and got dormant users to reconnect.

  • The email campaigns were scheduled across four weeks, targeting each group every week at the time best suited for them.
  • Adapting campaigns to different languages, cultural preferences, and local nuances for more than 20 markets was a challenge.
  • Photobook solved it by customizing campaign content, send timing, and offers to make them specific for each market.
  • Tracking/analyzing performance, engagement, and feedback enabled Photobook to make iterative refinements and improve performance.


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