Inbox Commerce: The new way to increase customer convenience and brand profitability
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Inbox Commerce: The new way to increase customer convenience and brand profitability

Published : September 25, 2023 | Updated : May 07, 2024

Digital marketing is at a stalemate: its most popular instruments—paid ads, push notifications, and promotional messages (SMS, email)—are not exactly yielding the kind of results that would justify the investment they demand.

The underlying reason is that customers across industries have become numb to these overtures that try to get their attention and make a purchase. Attention span is currently at an all-time low and customers largely ignore promotional messages and ads. Ad blockers are some of the most popular extensions for Chrome, so we know how folks feel about ads getting into their faces.

As bleak as things might seem, there’s hope around the corner. As customers become satiated with the current marketing technologies, a new breed of engagement-driven tech has already emerged. And it has triggered maximum and sustained customer engagement, leading to far higher profits.

We’re talking about Inbox Commerce.

In this article series (part 1 of 2), we’ll take you through the basic definition of Inbox Commerce, its primary components, and how this innovation can drive brand profits to unprecedentedly high levels.

What is Inbox Commerce?

The formal definition is “Inbox Commerce is the practice of implementing transactions, advertising products/services, and engaging with customers through messaging sites/apps and emails.”

Fundamentally, Inbox Commerce refers to selling and buying via a user’s email or messaging app inbox. A typical example would be AMP emails showcasing products, letting users choose and pay right within the email. Similarly, brands can use a WhatsApp Business account to offer their entire product catalog and accept payments within WhatsApp.

Inbox Commerce comes with an immense advantage – low/no lead leakage. Users do not have to click links within their email or messaging app to go to a website/app where they can shop. There are literally no redirects and resultant drop-offs (lead leakage) in the customer funnel of Inbox Commerce.

Every customer interaction occurs within the email or message. Since there are no redirects, there is no friction in the user journey. This inevitably leads to lower drop rates, higher engagement, and more purchases.

Primary components facilitating Inbox Commerce

AMP in email

Enables the creation of entire website/app-like experiences within email. Completely eliminates the need for redirects, reducing friction in the customer journey.


While laws in India are yet to allow this facility, SMS has become a mode of two-way communication in many parts of the world.


WhatsApp Pay allows businesses to use its platform to communicate with customers and sell to them directly.


Acts as an upgrade to SMS that brings eCommerce closer to the customer’s fingertips.


AI-driven product catalogs can revolutionize how ‘recommended’ items are dynamically chosen based on each customer’s real-time browsing and shopping patterns.


Shoppers can ask direct questions to chatbots, improving the product find/buy workflows.

How Inbox Commerce contributes to boost customer satisfaction & brand profits

Inbox Commerce delivers high value to customers by saving time and effort. It also brings in better personalization and convenience. The Inbox Commerce experience creates loyal customers; some even go the distance to become brand advocates.

These conclusions are based on real-life results of Netcore clients and their customer experience with AMP emails, chatbots, and the like. Why does it work this way? Because Inbox Commerce has a lot to offer to every customer in every way:


Inbox Commerce facilitates direct communication between businesses and customers. Users can browse products, enter payment details, and purchase through email or their messaging app. This level of ease translates to increased conversions.


Messaging apps and emails can push personalized content tailored to user preferences, history, and behavior. Such content has proved to enjoy a higher level of success than conventional digital marketing/advertising.

Better customer support

Brands can offer real-time customer support via chatbots or live agents, which accelerates issue resolution and boosts customer satisfaction.

Improved open and engagement rates

Messaging apps and emails have much better engagement rates and ROI. A brands’ marketing messages have a better shot at reaching customers when delivered via these channels.

Better customer retention

All Inbox Commerce features aim at providing a seamless shopping experience. When customers get what they want with minimal hassle, businesses form long-term relationships with them and see repeat purchases.

Integration with third-party marketing tools

Inbox Commerce easily combines with marketing channels like websites, social media platforms, and apps to bring unified experiences to all stages and types of customer journeys.

Data-driven insights

Data collected from Inbox Commerce channels help businesses understand customer behavior and preferences on email and messaging apps. These valuable insights shape and direct highly successful marketing strategies.

Turn your audience’s inbox into a shopping arena

Inbox Commerce is important for marketers and brands because it allows them to create a more convenient, personalized, and engaging shopping experience for customers. It ultimately leads to higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and better business profitability.

Your customers can get everything they are looking for right within their inboxes. From support questions to payment calculators, from product search to order completion, everything can be accomplished within email and messaging. Additionally, brands can curate tailored experiences for their best customers, using gamification for rewards, special deals, early-bird offers, and more.

Stay tuned – we will be covering more interesting facets of Inbox Commerce in part 2 of this series.

Meanwhile, if you’re already convinced and curious, let’s have a conversation. Contact us, and we will share the spectacular results that Inbox Commerce has achieved for our clients. Let’s also discuss what it can do to amp up your profitability to levels you haven’t ever seen before.

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