Top 15 Email Marketing Examples: How to Build Campaigns That Convert [+Tips]
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Auroshik Das

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Top 15 Email Marketing Examples: How to Build Campaigns That Convert [+Tips]

Published : May 24, 2024

Marketing trends change swiftly, but just as the North Star guides sailors through ever-shifting tides, email marketing remains a steadfast beacon of growth. What keeps it at the top? Its ability to drive significant ROI while maintaining low costs for businesses. The fact that most North American brands will generate 30% of their marketing revenue from email further proves the point.

Another reason is the whithering fascination with paid media, which has been fueled by the poor Returns On Ad Spends (ROAS) on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, X, and Instagram over the past year. Facebook alone witnessed a drop in ROAS of around 25% in only twelve months.

In this blog, we shall delve into the science behind crafting impactful email campaigns and the future of email marketing while showcasing 15 email marketing examples demonstrating significant ROI improvements for leading brands with Inbox Commerce-powered campaigns.

Inbox Commerce: The New Frontier in Email Marketing

While email might seem like a stagnant platform, it has recently undergone a quiet revolution. A few key innovations have driven this revolution. One such innovation is Inbox Commerce, powered by Google’s AMP for Email.

This innovation has enabled marketers to integrate interactive experiences like feedback survey forms, live chat agents, product carousels,add-to-cart,spin-to-wheel, and crossword games within emails. Inbox Commerce lets you do everything within your email: search, compare, buy, track, and more.

Inbox commerce: The new frontier in email marketing - Netcore Cloud

It eliminates unnecessary redirects to webpages and apps to complete manual tasks like product discovery and purchasing decisions. As a result, it reduces friction, fosters customer engagement, boosts conversions, and enhances brand loyalty.

How can inbox commerce amp up your email marketing strategy?

a. Enhanced User Experience:

The technology allows customers and recipients to interact with the email’s content without leaving their inboxes, enabling convenience and higher user engagement.

b. Real-Time Updates:

Marketers can deliver real-time and up-to-date information via email. For example, mail the customer about flash sales, price drops, or limited-time offers.

c. Improved ROI:

Eliminating redirects and enabling transactions inside emails leads to higher conversion rates and improved return on investment (ROI) for email marketing campaigns.

d. Data Capture and Personalization:

Zero-party data can be captured within the email, allowing marketers to gather valuable insights about user behavior and preferences.

That’s not all. Inbox Commerce allows the creation of entire quizzing, rewarding, and ranking processes within a single email, so there’s no redirect to any website or app. Learn How!

15 Standout Email Marketing Examples

We’ve compiled 15 examples of email marketing campaigns from global brands you know and love. From Levi’s, the world’s favorite denim maker, to Dollar Shave Club, the personal grooming disrupter, and Apple, the modern-day tech giant, these campaigns showcase the power of Inbox Commerce.

Campaign 1: Dollar Shave Club’s Humorous Welcome Emails

Dollar shave clubs humorous welcome emails | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • A lighthearted tone indicates brand personality and a well-designed CTA.
  • The referral section is strategically placed and encourages sharing by offering a tangible reward ($5 in DSC Credits), which can enhance customer engagement and potentially increase the subscriber base.

Pro Tip: Boost engagement twofold by providing a valuable download, such as a guide or checklist, in return for an update on preferences, such as interests or product categories.

Campaign 2: GoPro’s #One Girl User-Generated Content(UGC) Email Campaign

Gopro:  One girl user-generated content email campaign | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • Showcasing GoPro cameras in real-world action scenarios highlighted product capabilities and benefits.
  • Using a specific hashtag and consistent content style and subject matter helps reinforce the GoPro brand identity.

Pro Tip: To create a deeper emotional connection, consider featuring short snippets of user testimonials or real-life stories alongside the UGC.

Campaign 3: Levi’s “It’s In Your Bag” Abandoned Cart Re-Engagement Emails

Levis: Abandoned cart re-engagement email | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The copy used a CTA that compelled the reader to go back and complete the purchase.
  • Additionally, the 25% discount further catalyzed the process of completing the purchase and rekindling engagement.

Pro Tip: If someone has abandoned their cart, give them a compelling incentive to return. An online shopper is likely to pay attention to freebies. Plus, inbox commerce can complete such transactions via email.

Campaign 4:Myntra’s (Walmart-owned)  “Event Marketing Play” Interactive Email

Myntra: Interactive email campaign | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The campaign channeled the excitement of the 2022 Grammy Awards. It incentivized data collection and offered shoppable recommendations based on the hottest trends.
  • A clear “Shop Now” call to action led to a staggering 140% uplift in conversions.

A great email marketing example recognized for its innovative approach secured the “Best Use of Interactive Emails” award at the prestigious MediaPost EIS Awards 2022.

Read the complete cast study here!

Pro Tip:  Incorporate use cases like interactive product carousels, spin the wheel for product discovery, add-to-cart, and cart 2.0  for product purchase while feedback surveys and zero-party data forms for the post-purchase category.

Campaign 5: Sephora’s “Where’ve You Been?” Win-Back Emails

Sephora: win back emails - Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The design is visually striking, using bold reds and dynamic angles that draw attention to the $15 reward card offer. This can be very effective in capturing the recipient’s interest.
  • The copy  “Where’ve You Been” showcased empathy and concern, which rekindled engagement.
  • The offer includes a specific expiration date, which creates a sense of urgency and can encourage quicker action from the customer.

Pro Tip: Segment inactive subscribers from your email list and offer targeted win-back campaigns with personalized discounts or product suggestions.

Campaign 6: Apple’s “It’s Easy To Switch” Product Launch Email

Apple: Product launch email campaign | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • Apple took a refreshing approach to highlighting fundamental differences between Android and iOS. The interactive emails highlighted Apple’s sleek design, seamless data transfer, and durability, enticing Gen Z and existing Android users and customers.
  • The layout and design are consistent with Apple’s branding, known for its minimalist and clean aesthetic. This consistency helps in reinforcing brand recognition.
  • Including real customer testimonials adds a personal touch and provides social proof, which can be persuasive to potential buyers.

Pro Tip: Build anticipation with a pre-launch email series teasing new product features and benefits. This anticipation keeps your customers on their toes, waiting for the big reveal.

Campaign 7: Photobook’s “Are You Up For the Challenge” Interactive Quiz Emails

Photobook: Interactive quiz emails | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • Photobook ditching static content for an interactive quiz skyrocketed engagement by 860%, while user responses fueled personalized recommendations that boosted ROI by 400%.
  • The visuals are bright and appealing, effectively showcasing the product (photobooks). The clean layout makes it easy for users to understand what is being promoted.
  • The campaign also bagged Photobook the “Best Retail Campaign” title at the prestigious MediaPost EIS Awards 2023.

Read the complete case study here!

Pro Tip: Use interactive emails to promote your brand or products. Adding incentives for users who interact with the email further prompts them to explore and make a transaction.

Campaign 8: Glossier’s limited-time Promotional and Flash Sale Email

Glossier: promotional and flash sale email | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The scarcity principle of “limited-edition” product offerings created a fear of missing out.
  • The note that the sale sets are only available until Tuesday creates a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly.

Pro Tip: Showcase limited-time offers and exclusive product drops to create a sense of exclusivity and drive sales. Implement dynamic content in your emails with interactive emails so different segments see images and offers that resonate specifically with them.

Campaign 9: Ulta Beauty’s order status Transactional Emails

Ulta beauty: order status transactional emails | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The words of gratitude for the customer completing their purchase enforced compassion.
  • The clear and transparent communication of post-purchase delivery details helped build trust.
  • Including icons for ‘Received’, ‘Shipped’, and ‘Delivered’ is a great visual guide for the customer to understand the current stage of their order and what to expect next.

Pro Tip: Design visually appealing transactional emails with clear information and trackable shipping details. This will help customers verify and keep track of their orders at a glance.

Campaign 10: MoneyTap’s “Gold Loan Calculator” Empowerment Campaign Emails

Moneytap: empowerment campaign emails | Netcore cloud

What Worked?

  • The calculator provided a valuable service (eligibility estimation) for free without needing immediate commitment. It gave the recipients a sense of control and empowerment. The calculator resulted in a 13x increase in customer engagement, with a 63% interaction rate on the call-to-action (CTA), compared to static email campaigns.
  • This email marketing example also won the “Best Use of Interactive Emails” award at the prestigious MediaPost EIS Awards 2023.

Read the complete case study here!

Pro Tip: Turn passive viewers into active participants with benefit-driven interactive elements like a calculator. Engagement will follow suit.

Campaign 11: Harry’s’ “You Mean A Lot To Us” Customer Appreciation Emails

Harry’s: customer appreciation emails | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • Personalized gratification notes with a human touch foster a 1:1 connection, advocating positive word-of-mouth.
  • The “CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS” button is prominently placed and colored to stand out. This clear CTA guides the customer to what to do next.
  • The inclusion of social media posts from users who are happy with Harry’s products adds a layer of authenticity and trust to the email.

Pro Tip: Incorporating social proof in personalized acknowledging emails would resonate with your audience and create a strong sense of trust.

Campaign 12: Ritual’s Post-Purchase Survey Email

Ritual: Post-purchase survey email | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The email uses a friendly and personable tone, making the recipient feel valued and more willing to participate.
  • First-person gathered data from feedback forms provided valuable insights into customers’ needs and preferences while highlighting critical areas for improvement.

Pro Tip: Embed a feedback form within the email body based on the feedback supplied by the user. For example, if a user supplies a 5-star review, send a form asking the user what they like, whereas for negative reviews, it is ‘what they don’t like.’

Campaign 13: Starbucks “Double Star Day” Loyalty Rewarding Emails

Starbucks: Loyalty rewarding emails | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • Elements like the star and “2x” icon effectively emphasized the doubling of rewards, which likely caught the recipient’s attention.
  • The visuals’ gold tones and the iconic Starbucks style maintained strong brand consistency. This made the email instantly recognizable to customers and reinforced the Starbucks brand identity.
  • The email succinctly explains the benefits of the promotion.

Pro Tip: Tease exclusive loyalty rewards in emails with a mysterious subject line, increasing the chances of clicks.

Campaign 14:  99 Group’sZero-Party Data Collection” Email Campaigns

99 Group: zero-party data collection email campaigns | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • The image showcases a well-decorated interior that looks spacious and modern.
  • This email marketing example proved how capturing zero-party data through interactive forms within emails proved a game-changer. These forms provided valuable customer insights that fueled 5x more lead generation and boosted conversion rates by 30%.  This win-win approach allowed them to personalize future campaigns and address critical areas for improvement.

The campaign also earned them a ‘Wildcard Award” for Zero Party Data Campaigns.

Read the complete case study here!

Pro Tip: Skip the guessing game! Interactive forms in emails unlock a crucial step in collecting customer data for laser-focused campaigns that convert.

Campaign 15: Fabiani’s “Hunt For Style” Gamification Emails

Apple: Product launch email campaign | Netcore Cloud

What Worked?

  • Incorporating gamification elements like riddles and crossword puzzles for reward distribution elevated the essence of stale mail by encouraging two-way engagement.
  • The potential to receive a mystery discount and the chance to win a substantial gift card are strong incentives to drive participation and sales.
  • The email clearly outlines participation steps: solving a riddle, finding an item, and receiving a mystery discount.

Pro Tip: Surprise recipients with hidden games in emails containing exclusive discounts or early access, sparking curiosity.

Now that you are familiar with successful email marketing campaigns, let’s examine the thought process behind building a robust one.

How to Execute an Email Marketing Campaign?

Following are the 6 steps you need to follow chronologically to execute a successful email marketing campaigns that would drive results:

Step 1: Choose Your Email Marketing Platform

There are an array of email marketing platforms out there. Choose the ones that align with your requirements and meet important criteria like the volume of emails, ease of platform use, deliverability rates, type of emails that can be sent (interactive emails), analytics, and reporting, to name a few.

 Partnering with an email marketing service provider like Netcore serves all the above and more. We’re capable of delivering AMPpowered interactive emails at scale. Imagine emails that automatically update with the latest details like offer expiry date and stock refill, eliminating the need for static content that goes outdated.

Step 2: Define Your Targets

Every successful email campaign hinges on a clear objective. What action do you want your audience to take? Boost engagement or welcome new subscribers with a warm embrace? Determining your targets is a crucial step to take.

Step 3: Create Your Lists

Don’t blast emails to everyone – segment your audience by addressing their demographics, regions, interests, or past purchases. This allows for hyper-personalization, ensuring your emails resonate deeply with each recipient.

Step 4: Blueprint Your Email Template

Most Email Service Providers(ESPs) offer pre-designed templates for your welcome series, promotions, or re-engagement marketing campaigns.  Combine these with a killer subject line, eye-catching visuals, and a touch of personalization, and voila! You have your perfect emails that are surely going to captivate your audiences.

Step 5: Create a Campaign Timeline

A seasonal promotion might only need a quick 1-2 email burst while building excitement for a new product launch thrives on a longer nurturing sequence. Tailor the length of your audience’s journey – are they already familiar with your brand or need gentle introductions?

Leverage an Email API that analyzes past user interactions to recommend the best send times for maximizing email opens.

Step 6: Track The Metrics

As your campaign unfolds, track key metrics like open and click-through rates. Are they meeting your expectations? This valuable data is your goldmine, revealing what’s working and needs tweaking.

What’s Next for Email in 2024?

Don’t hit snooze on email marketing! It’s going nowhere in 2024. It’s still a powerful tool for reaching your audience. And these email marketing examples were proof. New trends are constantly popping up, offering exciting ways to keep your subscribers excited about your brand.

Here are five of such trends to help you future-proof your emails for 2024:

Trend 1: Don’t Miss Out on AI!

Personalization and optimization are no longer a luxury but a necessity in email marketing. According to Forbes, 61% of brands leverage AI to achieve these goals.

Trend 2: Play by the New Rules (or Get Lost in Spam!)

Expect stricter rules from Gmail and Yahoo. Focus on user consent, email authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), and quality content to keep emails out of spam and user inboxes happy. Stay informed on data privacy, too!

To learn more about the authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM & DMARC, click here.

Trend 3: It’s All About the Customer (Not You!)

Avoid en masse messaging and personalize content with a value that solves their problems. Respect their preferences and focus on meaningful interactions. Interactive emails are debated, but explore GIFs, video links, and accessible design to grab attention in a crowded inbox.

Trend 4: Permission Isn’t Enough to Win Back Readers

Even with permission, emails often miss inboxes (22%!). Marketers must implement a Sales-Led Growth (SLG) strategy encompassing mobile-friendly design, engaging subject lines (under 30 characters!), and content relevant to readers’ new remote work environments, which would ultimately cater to customer acquisition.

Trend 5: It’s No Longer Only Emails.Omnichannel For The Win!

While paid ads grab attention, email shines brightest with an omnichannel entourage.  Team up with web push notifications and SMS to reach customers on their preferred channels, anywhere, anytime. This multi-pronged approach keeps your brand top-of-mind, boosting brand engagement across platforms and driving sales.


These email marketing examples clearly show that emails are not a relic of the past. The inbox landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and you don’t want to be left behind. Embrace Inbox Commerce in a mobile-first design, where you can leverage AI personalization and captivating content to ensure your emails land in inboxes, not spam folders.

Connect with Netcore, the most comprehensive customer engagement platform today, and embark on a journey to transform your email marketing into a dynamic and immersive experience that delights your customers and drives unprecedented success.

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