99 Group

Indonesia’s leading estate company, 99 Group, achieved 6X uplift in Open Rates and 4.2X increase in Click Rates with Netcore Cloud.

Key Results
Increase in CTOR
Increase in Open Rates
Increase in Click Rates

99 Group is a leading real estate technology company that operates real estate portals across Southeast Asia and specializes in digital property advertising. Headquartered in Singapore, the 99 Group currently operates in Singapore and Indonesia, employing more than 350 employees.


Real Estate

Singapore and Indonesia

Split A/B testing and segmentation, AI Raman engine

Solution used:
Netcore’s AI-powered Email Delivery



Though the email subscription rates and the initial responses were high, the recipients’ engagement levels could not be sustained. Some segments of subscribers were gradually becoming dormant, leading to falling rates over time.

 The primary challenges were:

  1. Increase the email open rates
  2. Increase the domain reputation
  3. Reactivate the dormant users
  4. Retain the interest of present users


Harness the Power of AI for Optimum Delivery

Netcore Cloud helped the client deploy its proprietary AI engine, Raman, to profile each email subscriber based on previous data. 

Supercharge Engagement Through Personalization

Netcore Cloud’s customer success team guided 99 Group marketers in creating personalized email campaigns to improve interactions and engagement. 

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Segmentation

Netcore Cloud supported the client in creating segments based on past engagement and designated active and inactive users. 99 Group created custom campaigns that specifically targeted inactive subscribers to re-engage them.

Sustain and Build Customers’ Interest Levels

Netcore Cloud’s consulting team enabled 99 Group to execute a multi-pronged strategy that included send time optimization, subject line optimization, and A/B testing. The client’s team delivered the right content that rekindled interest.

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