How to increase customer engagement for ecommerce: 9 strategies for success
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Zaid Hashmi
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How to increase customer engagement for ecommerce: 9 strategies for success

Published : August 10, 2023 | Updated : May 08, 2024

With folks around the world shopping from any device they fancy, the whole ecommerce game has taken a new turn. Brands are constantly looking for ways to increase customer engagement for ecommerce stores at every turn. So, giving your customers a top-notch ecommerce experience? It’s not just a nice-to-have anymore; it’s the secret sauce for keeping them around.

When it comes to identifying the right ecommerce marketing platform for an ecommerce business, it’s all about checking which one has the balance of features and price that fits into your budget.

Customer engagement in ecommerce - Netcore cloud

A whopping 73% of people say their buying choices hinge on the kind of customer experience they get.

In this world overflowing with choices, it’s not just about having quality products. The real deal? It’s how satisfied your customers are.

Interestingly, this satisfaction is deeply rooted in effective customer engagement.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the ecommerce world or you’ve been at it for ages, it might be time to give your customer engagement strategies a little check-up. After all, enhancing that ecommerce experience is what it’s all about.

Top 9 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement for Ecommerce Brands

There are numerous ways to increase customer engagement for ecommerce brands. But we’ve jotted down the top 10 that are proven to give you results in your marketing strategies.

1. Provide Omnichannel Experiences

You know how we all love a smooth shopping experience, right? That’s what the whole omnichannel buzz is about. It’s like ensuring our customers can hop from their mobile app to our website to our physical store (if we have one) without missing a beat.

And guess what? 

With a powerful customer engagement platform for ecommerce, this becomes a breeze.

The result?

Happier customers, more sales, and brand loyalty that’s through the roof.

Omnichannel ecommerce experience - Netcore Cloud

Not convinced? Here are some more benefits of omnichannel marketing that impact customer engagement:

  • Keeps the brand message consistent
  • Imagine walking into different rooms of a house, and each room plays a different song. Confusing, right?

    That’s how customers feel about inconsistent brand messaging. With omnichannel marketing, it’s like having the same soothing tune playing in every room.

    Whether they bump into you on Instagram, your website, your app, or even in a physical store, your brand message remains harmonious and consistent.

  • Continuous customer support
  • We’ve all been there – getting bounced around different channels just to get an answer. It’s frustrating!

    But with omnichannel marketing, whether your customers slide into DMs on Facebook Messenger or ping on your website chat, they get the same prompt, helpful response. No more redirecting or “please contact our other support team” messages.

    It’s all streamlined, thanks to omnichannel platforms.

  • A Bird’s Eye View of the Customer Journey
  • Omnichannel marketing isn’t just about selling; it’s about understanding.

    By merging data from various touchpoints, we get a panoramic view of our customers’ journeys. It’s like having a map that shows us where they’ve been, where they are, and where they might go next. This insight is pure gold for crafting strategies to increase customer engagement for ecommerce brands.

    Customer journey map for ecommerce - Netcore Cloud

  • Tailored Experiences for Every Customer
  • Now, with your bird’s eye view, you can roll out the red carpet for every customer. Personalized experiences aren’t just a luxury; they’re a necessity.

    And here’s a fun fact: omnichannel shoppers, with their tailored experiences, tend to stick around longer and have a 30% higher lifetime value. That’s a win-win in our books!

    Personalized shopping experience - Netcore Cloud

    And hey, did you know? Brands that nail this omnichannel game retain a whopping 89% of their customers. That’s massive compared to the mere 33% for those still figuring it out.

    2. Use Chatbots

    Ever thought of having a 24/7 assistant on your website? Enter chatbots. These nifty little helpers are always there, ready to answer queries or guide our customers.

    And the best part?

    Over 65% of consumers prefer using messaging apps when interacting with a business.

    Diving deeper, here are some other chatbot benefits that can increase customer customer engagement for your ecommerce brand.

    • Serving Personalized Shopping Experiences

    You know that warm, fuzzy feeling when someone just gets you? That’s what bots can do for our customers.

    By using chatbot templates, like the ecommerce carousel, you can tailor experiences for every individual. It’s like having a personal shopper for each visitor, guiding them through your digital aisles.

    • Providing Personalised Product Recommendations

    Ever been overwhelmed by too many choices? Your customers feel the same.

    But here’s where bots shine. They’re like those helpful store assistants who quickly understand what you’re looking for and point you in the right direction.

    No more endless scrolling; bots can suggest the perfect products, making shopping a breeze.

    • Reading Between the Lines

    The beauty of AI-powered chatbots? They’re intuitive.

    They can pick up on subtle hints from our customers and understand their intent.

    Whether someone’s just browsing or ready to hit ‘buy,’ our bots can steer the conversation in the right direction. And for platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, this means turning casual browsers into loyal buyers.

    To top it off, when integrated with your CRM through a customer engagement platform, they ensure every interaction is logged.

    So, the next time that customer pops in, you know exactly how to tailor their experience.

    3. Directly Include your Customers

    There’s nothing more genuine than content created by our very own customers. Be it reviews, photos, or even videos, this user-generated content (UGC) is pure gold.

    When engaging with negative reviews, users extend their site duration by 5x, leading to an impressive 85% boost in conversion rates.

    Customer reviews play a vital role in establishing social proof. They serve as excellent tools to educate potential customers about top-selling items that exhibit remarkable performance and quality.

    The synergy between customer reviews and ecommerce website profits is undeniable.

    But remember, always keep it real. Authenticity is key. No one likes those made-up reviews or staged photos.

    4. Loyalty is the New Currency

    Who doesn’t love a good loyalty program? It’s giving our customers a virtual high-five for sticking around.

    Whether it’s discounts, exclusive access, or even some swanky merchandise, these rewards keep our customers coming back for more. And with a customer engagement platform, setting up and managing these programs is a piece of cake.

    Loyalty programs offer significant advantages in ecommerce customer engagement marketing:

  • Retain Existing Customers
  • Loyalty programs make current customers feel valued, a critical aspect, as retaining customers costs far less than acquiring new ones (5x less, in fact).

  • Win Back Lost Customers
  • With a loyalty program, you can pinpoint and re-engage lost customers, reducing customer attrition and enhancing loyalty.

  • Increase Lifetime Value
  • Boosting shopping frequency naturally leads to higher customer lifetime value, maximizing their overall impact. A powerful ecommerce marketing platform helps predict users who are most likely to come back again and purchase products from your website or app.

  • Cultivate Brand Influencers
  • Loyal customers repeatedly choose you for a reason. Loyalty programs enable you to identify potential brand influencers within this dedicated group.

    Pro tip: Add tiers or levels to your program. It gives our customers that little extra push to reach the top

    5. Mobile is Where the Magic Happens

    We’ve all seen it, right? The rise of mobile shopping is undeniable.

    Ecommerce online shopping responsive mobile web templates - Netcore Cloud

    So, when we talk about content, it’s essential to think mobile-first. With a customer engagement platform in place, we can ensure our content is not just mobile-friendly but mobile-optimized.

    It’s all about giving our customers that seamless, swipe-happy experience they crave.

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    6. The Power of Push Notifications

    Ever noticed how a little ‘ping’ on your phone grabs your attention? That’s the magic of push notifications.

    Push notification ecommerce - Netcore Cloud

    With a customer engagement platform like Netcore, we can send those timely, relevant nudges right to our customers’ screens.

    Whether it’s a flash sale or a new product drop, these notifications can drive real-time engagement. But remember, it’s a fine line between engaging and spamming. Let’s keep it relevant and not bombard our precious customers.

    7. Make it Personal

    In the vast digital marketplace, generic just won’t cut it.

    Our customers want to feel special, and that’s where personalized content steps in.

    Personalized content for ecommerce - Netcore Cloud

    With the insights from our analytics capabilities, we can tailor content that speaks directly to them. It’s like having a one-on-one chat with each customer, showing them we truly ‘get’ them.

    8. Feedback is Gold

    Want to know the secret sauce to perfect content? It’s feedback.

    Our customers are our best critics and cheerleaders. Understanding and working on customer feedback shows that brands listen to their customers, and in turn, customers come back and bring along their friends.

    Gathering feedback is a powerful approach to minimize shopping cart abandonment, a concern seen in approximately 77.3% of online orders. By employing exit feedback forms, you can gain valuable insights into the reasons behind visitors exiting the checkout process.

    9. Social Media: Your Digital Storefront

    In today’s world, our brand’s social media presence is as crucial as our website. It’s where we connect, engage, and showcase our brand personality.

    Ecommerce platforms with a presence on social media experience an average of 32% higher sales compared to those without.

    With regular posts, engaging content, and a sprinkle of user-generated content, we can create a buzzing digital community. And remember, every comment, like, and share is a step closer to building a loyal customer base.

    The Future of Ecommerce for Customer Engagement

    Ecommerce enterprises that solely prioritize sales risk losing a substantial customer base. Modern consumers seek personalized interactions and demand to be recognized as individuals.

    As we forge ahead, websites that embrace ecommerce personalization will attract a thriving customer base. If your ecommerce venture aims to amplify customer engagement, integrating personalized strategies becomes paramount, significantly influencing customer lifetime value (CLTV).

    Strategic utilization of customer data empowers you to provide tailor-made promotions, acknowledge returning patrons, and anticipate their preferences. Search personalization and visual search are also two hot trends that will change the shopping experience on ecommerce apps and websites.

    The impact of personalized customer service is striking, delivering transaction rates six times higher than generic communication.

    Investing in this endeavor is undoubtedly worthwhile.


    Netcore empowers you to craft captivating content for your customers, fostering interaction across your mobile app and website. With the integration of interactive stickers like polls, quizzes, and product tags, customers become active participants, forging a deeper connection with your brand.

    Yet, Netcore offers more than just engagement; it’s a retention booster. Regular delivery of fresh, relevant content ensures users stay committed to your app, nurturing brand loyalty.

    Enhance re-engagement campaigns across multiple channels using Raman. Embed AMP seamlessly into your emails, elevating click-through rates and sparking engagement beyond standard emails.

    Moreover, Netcore serves up invaluable customer insights. Metrics such as views, exits, and interactions shed light on resonating content, guiding tailored future endeavors.

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    Written By: Zaid Hashmi
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