How to use AMP emails to get maximum customer reviews, ratings, and survey responses
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Puneet Mahajan
Puneet Mahajan

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How to use AMP emails to get maximum customer reviews, ratings, and survey responses

Published : February 3, 2023

The highest purpose of every brand in the world is to deliver value to customers. Whatever the industry, product, or service, nothing takes priority over customer satisfaction.

If you truly want to know what satisfies your customer, ask them a few common questions: “Do you like the product?” “What kinds of products do you prefer?” “What more would you like to see?” “What can we do to improve our services?”

However, asking these questions directly doesn’t always get a response. Your customers have busy lives and aren’t inclined to spend time answering questions from every brand they buy.

What you need is a smartly-crafted product review mechanism that can score the response. And this is where AMP emails come in.

Since AMP emails allow the use of dynamic, feature-rich, and exciting components, you can leverage them to send different kinds of product review requests. Simplify the process so that customers can offer their opinions within seconds. You can even gamify the feedback process..  Going a step further, consider incentivizing customers for sharing their response, and your efforts will meet with success most of the time.

This article will take you through a few time-tested ideas on using AMP emails to gather meaningful customer feedback in the form of product ratings, reviews, comments, surveys, and more.

Note: Three AMP components act solo or combine to bring product reviews, ratings, feedback, and surveys to users’ emails. These components are amp-form, amp-selector, and amp-autocomplete.

Numbered ratings

This is one of the most common ways to get a user’s impression of something they bought – a product or service. For example, ask them to rate their recent purchase on a 1-5 scale; the unit could be numbers or stars.

Use amp-form and amp-selector to create this feedback mechanism. These components allow you to implement one-click input fields, which, in this case, would be the numbers on the rating scale.

You can add funny emoticons corresponding to each number on the scale to catch the customer’s eye. E.g., No. 5 could be a happy, smiley face, while number 1 could be a sad or grumpy face. You can also achieve the same friendly effect with the right words – 5 could be “Loved it!” and 1 could be “How is it so terrible?” And you get an instant response within your AMP email.

Expression ratings

While numbers are helpful, they may not be a one-size-fits-all solution.  Or, your customers may not get interested enough in the 1-5 ratings. So, replace the numbers with phrases or sentences.

For example, instead of 1, try marking the option as “It’s not remotely close to what I want or need.” and 5 as “It’s perfect! I would buy it again!” This provides a more expressive way of sharing feedback. Now you have both your “come-to-the-point” and “I-love-to-tell-you” customers covered.

Once again, amp-form and amp-selector can help you implement this within AMP emails.

Detailed surveys

When we say detailed, we don’t mean a survey with 5 pages and 10 questions on each page. No customer would want to plod through that, especially if they get such a linked form via email.

We are talking about surveys more detailed than other feedback methods like ratings. Use amp-form to create simple but insightful multiple-choice questions that customers can answer with a single click. For simplicity’s sake, stick to 10-15 questions, no more. The questions are contained inside the AMP email, so they do not have to click a CTA and get redirected to a webpage.

Pro-Tip: Mention that the survey is short – say something like “It’ll take 3 minutes max, we promise!”)


People spend long hours in front of a screen, looking at text online. Therefore, they might not want to look at more static text in their free time. A little interactivity might work better to attract their attention.

Chatbots are an excellent option for this. By placing a customer feedback survey in a chatbot, users get the sense that they are interacting in real-time, which creates more engagement.

Use amp-bind and amp-form to implement survey chatbots within AMP emails. The former component will bring live, updated information from the site’s backend, and the latter will lay out an easy-to-fill multi-step form. Every time someone clicks on an answer, the next question shows up.

Text Fields for direct user input

A well-known quote goes, “…it’s the right to say any word you want to and to form any sentence you want to…” In cases like this, it stands true. Sometimes, your customers simply want to feel heard in their own words and not pick a scripted option shaped/worded by a business.

Use amp-form to create a text field in the AMP email — a place for users to write, in their own words, their experience with a product or brand.

Gamified, reward-based reviews

No matter what kind of number, image, or text mechanism you offer for review, some customers may just not get interested. And, that’s where gamification can save the day for you.

Instead of making your review request sound flat, add an element of gamification. For example, use amp-bind to create a “spin the bottle” game in which the bottle decides what form of review the user will leave (number rating, survey, direct testimonial, etc.) within the AMP email.

Don’t forget to reward reviewers. It could be anything – a 5% discount, an extra 3 days of premium membership. The point is to pique customers’ attention and keep them engaged long enough so that they complete the review.

In summary

By using the interactive and dynamic capabilities of AMP emails, marketers can effectively persuade customers to leave feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Use AMP emails to grab customers’ attention, get them interested, nurture engagement, and follow through with the review.

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