AI-Led Personalization: Now Deliver Delightful 1:1 Customer Experiences at Scale

AI-Led Personalization: Now Deliver Delightful 1:1 Customer Experiences at Scale

About this Webinar

Did you know that 98% of visitors landing on an e-commerce website drop-off without making a single purchase?

Isn’t it painful to watch your hard-earned traffic leave without completing a transaction?

And, this challenge is only more amplified during the current COVID-19 crisis that envelops global markets.

One bulletproof way to increase conversions across your website or mobile app is by harnessing the power of AI to offer your customers the most contextual product recommendations.

But, don’t stop at personalizing the navigation, search, and purchase experience on your website! Get granular. Deliver real-time recommendations across every stage of individual customer journeys!


Join us for a special webinar to learn how Smartech is enabling Fave – Southeast Asia’s leading mobile commerce and digital merchant platform – script a new growth chapter through the power of personalization!

Key Takeaways from the Webinar
Learn how AI-led personalization can increase marketing ROI growth by 15X
Gain insights on how Fave is acing email personalization at scale with Smartech
Understand how a sound personalization strategy can uplift conversions by 8%-13% through individualized customer experiences
Identify how your brand can easily kickstart their user retention growth story with Smartech’s Personalization Suite in less than 15 minutes
About the Speakers
jeannete 1
Jeanette Wong
Regional CRM Lead, Fave
Rahul Goila
Head of Emerging Markets, Netcore Solutions
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