AI and Email: A match made for marketers

AI and Email: A match made for marketers

About this Webinar

Artificial Intelligence has drastically evolved since its inception a few years ago. AI is now paving the way to success for email marketers in all walks of their journey. From “Do I send it?” to “When do I send it?”, AI answers all the questions related to email marketing. AI and email, are a match made for marketers.

Learn how to revolutionize your email marketing and amplify your conversions with AI from Yogesh Kulkarni and Jasmine Handa, Founder, Netcore Cloud.

Key takeaways
Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in email
Key problems that AI is solving in the email landscape
AI’s use-cases in every step of email marketer’s life
Yogesh Kulkarni
AVP- Product Management
Netcore Cloud
Jasmine Handa
Sr. Product Marketer
Netcore Cloud
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