DoctorOnCall increases its ROI by 225% and revenue by 56% with Netcore’s customer engagement platform

DoctorOnCall increases its ROI by 225% and revenue by 56% with Netcore’s customer engagement platform

Key Results
Uplift in ROI
Uplift in sales
Uplift in revenue
Increase in CTOR


DoctorOnCall is a leading telemedicine platform in Malaysia that provides accessible and convenient healthcare services to individuals nationwide. Established with the vision of improving healthcare accessibility and bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, DoctorOnCall offers the broadest range of telemedicine services through its online platform.

Industry: Telehealth, Healthcare

Location: Malaysia

Category:  Netcore’s Customer Engagement Platform

Solution used: AI-Powered Email Marketing, BIMI, AMP Emails, Send Time Optimization, RFM Segmentation, Automated Journeys, Web Push Messages


DoctorOnCall wanted to adopt multiple ways of reaching customers and implementing targeted marketing strategies. They also needed to automate customer engagement at every step of the customer lifecycle for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Primary challenges:

  • Communicate with customers through multiple channels
  • Improve user experience and enhance engagement
  • Deploy contextual nudges for user behavior change
  • Automate all touchpoints of the customer lifecycle
  • Increase conversions and drive marketing revenue



Netcore offered a holistic, unified platform that helped DoctorOnCall complete and consolidate their marketing toolkit and manage all activities from a single point. DoctorOnCall supplemented every email campaign with app push and web push campaigns to increase awareness, engagement, and conversion. The Netcore package included:

  • BIMI implementation
  • Netcore helped implement BIMI that enabled DoctorOnCall emails to be displayed with the official logo and reinforced as genuine and trustworthy. BIMI led to an increase in their email open rates.

  • Countdown Timer
  • Several of the offers and discounts in the DoctorOn Call emails were time-based. Netcore incorporated a countdown timer within the email templates, creating urgency and making the email more engaging.

  • AMP Emails
  • With Netcore, DoctorOnCall executed AMP email campaigns that were highly effective in collecting customer feedback. AMP also brought in gamification that contributed to the success of the June ‘Payday’ email campaigns.

  • Send Time Optimization
  • Netcore suggested Send Time Optimization (STO) to further enhance open and click rates. Implementing STO ensured that the emails reached the audience at the time when they were most likely to engage and interact.

  • Subject Line Generator
  • As recommended by Netcore, DoctorOnCall created compelling subject lines using the Subject Line Generator. These were further improved upon by A/B testing to understand what kind of subject lines worked better.

  • RFM Segmentation
  • DoctorOnCall optimized their reach using RFM segmentation. The ‘star users’ — opening or clicking emails recently and frequently — were shown new product launches/product lines.  Dormant users were sent feedback surveys to understand what could win them back; they were also sent discount emails to encourage purchases.

  • Automated Journeys
  • Netcore assisted DoctorOnCall in deploying automated journeys. As soon as users visited particular web pages or completed a certain activity, web push notifications and emails were triggered automatically to nudge them to convert at each stage.

  • Web Push Notifications and Messages
  • Web push notifications underwent A/B Testing for fine tuning the message and creating an uplift in engagement and conversions. DoctorOnCall also deployed web messages to understand exit intent, connect with new subscribers, and publicize offers.

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