Red Sift, Netcore Cloud Partner to Enhance Email Deliverability, Increase Brand Awareness

Cybersecurity Company to Provide Netcore Cloud Customers with DMARC, BIMI Solutions

Red Sift, a leading provider of vital cybersecurity products, has become the new partner in the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) and Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) space for Netcore Cloud, a globally recognized marketing technology SaaS company.

The Red Sift purpose-built suite of cybersecurity solutions block outbound phishing attacks, analyze the security of inbound communication for company-wide email threats, and monitor and safeguard valuable customer data. The company’s new partnership with Netcore Cloud comes after Ciaran Martin, who helped lead the U.K. government’s work on cybersecurity, joined Red Sift as a special adviser. 

DMARC is a standard email authentication protocol while BIMI using a VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) is an emerging specification around trademarked logo display in email as a reward for reaching DMARC enforcement. Following this association, Netcore Cloud customers can enhance their email deliverability and increase their brand awareness by leveraging Red Sift’s market-leading OnDMARC solution, which fully automates the DMARC and VMC implementation and enforcement process.

“This is an incredible partnership opportunity for Red Sift to work with a leading marketing tech SaaS company,” said Chuck Swenberg, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Red Sift. “We look forward to providing Netcore Cloud and its customers with vital cybersecurity products to enhance their businesses.”

“We are thrilled to partner with leading industry expert, Red Sift, to offer DMARC and BIMI solutions to our clients enhancing their experience with us. Providing easy to implement services that help provide secure, recognizable and relevant communications to email recipients is a shared vision of both our organizations. In the days to come we look forward to achieving this collectively,” said Matthew Vernhout, Vice President of Deliverability at Netcore Cloud.

Ciaran Martin has been reported to help the Red Sift leadership team identify cybersecurity areas where they should focus and the development of strategic tools.

About Red Sift

Founded in 2015, Red Sift is a global cybersecurity company whose clients include organizations such as Domino’s, Telefonica, Pipedrive, Rentokil, Wise, and top global law firms. The Red Sift data analysis platform is purpose-built for the challenges of cybersecurity. Products on the Red Sift platform include OnDMARC and OnINBOX, SaaS applications that work together to close the net on the phishing problem by blocking outbound phishing attacks and analyzing the security of inbound communications for company-wide email threat intelligence. Find out more at

About Netcore Cloud

Netcore Cloud is a customer engagement and experience platform that helps B2C brands create amazing digital experiences with a range of products that help in engagement, retention, and conversions. Netcore Cloud over the last 20+ years has enabled thousands of marketers and product managers around the world with its No-Code / Low-Code products to create a personalized omnichannel experience across website, mobile app, and communications channels. With early investments in AI backed with three acquisitions, Netcore Cloud has led the way in delivering exceptional 1:1 customer experience to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.

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