Remarkety, a Namogoo Company, Chooses Netcore Cloud to Enhance Deliverability

New York, November 9, 2023 — Remarkety, a Namogoo Company, selected Netcore Cloud as its email service provider. Netcore Cloud’s platform is built on Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure and will provide Remarkety with better inboxing, faster email delivery,  and AI-powered reporting and optimizations.

Netcore Cloud, a leading global MarTech and Customer Experience company is the 4th largest ESP globally and is the only vendor recognized by Forrester as a top vendor across Product discovery, Cross-Channel Marketing, and Email Marketing. Netcore’s AI-powered reporting, advanced email throughput, and deliverability services stood out during the evaluation.

“After a comprehensive assessment of various ESPs, Netcore Cloud emerged as the standout choice for Remarkety. Their robust product suite, exceptional deliverability, and personalized services perfectly aligned with our needs. Their true partnership approach, coupled with remarkable performance, won us over.” said Joel Presman, VP of Business Operations at Namogoo.

Pratik Bhadra, CEO of Netcore Cloud & Netcore Unbxd, reflected on the achievement, stating, “We are delighted to have Remarkety, as part of Namogoo, onboard as a valued partner. Combining Remarkety’s strengths in eCommerce marketing automation, in conjunction with Netcore Cloud’s fast, reliable, and AI-optimized sending infrastructure, brands can see an immediate impact to driving more conversions and AOV, all while harnessing the scale, security, and reliability of Google Cloud.”

As a Google Cloud partner, Netcore Cloud offers customers a wide range of solutions across the breadth of Lifecycle Marketing & CPaaS. Key components include:

About Netcore Cloud

Netcore gives eCommerce and D2C marketers the power to maximize Customer Lifetime Value by predicting shoppers’ next best actions and enables them to convert shoppers in-channel through Inbox Commerce. Netcore is the only top Forrester-rated vendor in Lifecycle Marketing; leading from Product Discovery to Email Activation. Netcore is also a Google Cloud top partner for Retail.

Serving over 6,500 customers across 40 countries, Netcore delivers over 2 billion experiences every day – including a billion emails and 700 million push notifications. Netcore uses AI trained on 25 billion+ interactions from 1,300+ e-commerce stores, making it an invaluable asset for global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Crocs, Walmart, Disney Hotstar, Jeromes, Express, and Dillards.

These brands trust Netcore to optimize the shopper experience, boosting average order value and repeat purchases through a comprehensive intelligence stack that unifies customer data with an AI-enhanced catalog.

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About Remarkety

Remarkety, a Namogoo company, is a leading eCommerce Data-Driven Marketing Platform. Remarkety changes the way SMBs retailers market and resell to their customers by giving them an enterprise-grade marketing power. Remarkety developed an industry-disrupted service to solve the marketing challenges of eCommerce SMBs by using big-data, shopping behavior and purchase history of millions of shoppers to execute targeted and segmented marketing strategies.

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