EP #23: AI-led Growth Lessons in Healthtech from Indonesia’s Klikdokter

EP #23: AI-led Growth Lessons in Healthtech from Indonesia’s Klikdokter

About this Podcast

The digital-first health strategies adopted by several countries to control the spread of COVID-19 have reshaped the way the healthtech sector functions. AI-powered healthcare apps are taking centre-stage.

We caught up with Iqbal Sandira, Head of Digital and Growth Marketing at Klikdokter, Indonesia.

Klikdokter is Indonesia’s leading healthtech company focused on creating a happier and healthier society. They are pioneers in bringing digital health service to the people of Indonesia that they can trust and rely on.

Iqbal highlights the following:

  • The changes in consumer behavior during these testing times
  • The need for brands to focus on creating goodwill through empathy
  • The challenges in marketing, especially in the healthtech sector
  • The importance of AI and multi-channel marketing automation for brands to prepare for the next wave of economic growth

Listen on to understand how a healthtech pioneer like Klikdokter is using AI and multi-channel marketing to create a sustainable roadmap for regrowth.

Episode Transcripts

Siddhesh Sawant: Good morning everyone! My name is Siddhesh and I am from Netcore Solution Indonesia; I’m the country manager for NetCore Indonesia. Hope your family, team, and everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times Well, we know that working from home has become the new normal, we, at Netcore, are looking to engage with industry experts who could shed their valuable insights and inputs on user engagement, growth, retention and personalization. To which, we are running Asia’s first Martech focused podcast, where we gather insights from industry leaders. Growth practitioners and product champions across the industry, who are breaking new grounds through the application of marketing technology. I’m very delighted to host our today’s speaker-so our today’s speaker is Iqbal Sandhira, digital and growth marketer for Klildokter dot com; he manages 4 different divisions, he’s the lead digital growth for Apps like Haloboomil, Klikmed, Klikbidun, Kliklad and he’s also the digital campaign leader for Klildokter. So thank you so much for Iqbal for today’s podcast.

Iqbal Sandira: Thank you.

Siddhesh Sawant: And we really appreciate your time and presence, Pa Iqbal. Pa Iqbal, we wanted to ask you certain questions about how things are going currently, wherein we wanted to understand your thought and your observation on our current COVID-19 situation, and what has changed, you know, you have seen in the user behavior. 

Iqbal Sandira: Okay, in my opinion, in this COVID-19 situation, almost all aspects of life have changed, especially for our Klikdokter, there was a significant increase in install and active users, mostly active user and daily active users, their significant increase, but there is a unique case for it in social media because right now, people now are start getting bored, with articles about the corona, the increase of users in social media only at the beginning, but now it has decreased significantly.

Siddhesh Sawant: Right. So you are saying that you have seen a certain significant rise in your user behavior as well? Or is it just with regards to certain MA use or DA use pa?

Iqbal Sandira: The increase significantly only in the apps, and still growing right now, but the formation and social media, they are stop and start to decrease in web. 

Siddhesh Sawant: Correct; we have-we have seen a lot of decrease happening in various industries wherein it can be, you know, difficult for various brands; I also have Mr. Rendi Peterson, also call him Pa Peter, who is from the frontier technology, he is the head of digital and director for frontier, Pa Peter, can you please introduce yourself as well as your thoughts on the current observation of the situation?

Rendi Peterson: Yes, yes. So thank you so much, Siddhesh and Pa Iqbal, so I think we saw a lot of changes in terms of the user behavior, and in your case like in terms of the digital platform, especially apps, you spike up, above.

Iqbal Sandira: Ya, we are going to spike in apps, only, but for a website, start to decrease, I don’t know, in the next one month, don’t know about that.

Rendi Peterson: Ya, possibly one of the Hypothesis Pa, is like the – your apps can be very very good, so that – a lot of customers of yours prefer to access the part of your app, so ya; And Pa Iqbal, we heard from your end, especially like Klikdokter and Carbicule, you also conduct certain initiative part.  So can you please explain more for us, Pa?

Iqbal Sandira: Main is no campaigns, but I have three campaigns that I should describe here; the first is the independent risk check of Corona online.

Rendi Peterson: Oh wow!

Iqbal Sandira: We have a page on our website where people can check the risk if they have a corona or not.

Rendi Peterson: So the patient becomes your buyer?

Iqbal Sandhira: Ya, then follow by patient check, free COVID test which said hospital, because it is important – this Monday, we launch it, free COVID test, with around 6 hospitals in Yaburatabit, and the second is we are doing the premium check, there are benefits, given to doctors, in the form of vitamins.

Rendi Peterson: Oh wow

Iqbal Sandira: Like, if we check premium in doctor, it means you give the doctor vitamins like that.

Rendi Peterson: Oh…that’s a very good initiative Pa because that’s also like a form of support for the doctors and medical staff. 

Iqbal Sandira: Ya. And the next thing is, we are sell(ing) the vitamins at a normal price if they are installing our apps. Because in the market now, the vitamin price is going up and many people cannot buy it. Like that.

Rendi Peterson: Alright. I think the demand for it comes in like increasing, substantially Pa. Everywhere it’s like having more awareness to fight, try vitamins, to keep themselves healthy; so you start – the demand is like increasing. 

Iqbal Sandira: Ya; if we check in the stall, in the app, you can see that the vitamins only stand for 2 hours, and then-then they are gone like that.

Rendi Peterson: So Pa, I think you and your team conducted a lot of initiatives, like amazing. But in terms of the return on investment, Pa, and in this case, it’s not specifically only for the revenue or the profit, but based on the three campaigns you already explained, what kind of return you are expecting Pa?

Iqbal Sandira: Maybe the financial aspect is not really big, but for the awareness, that is our main target.

Rendi Peterson: Okay, so most of it is to do with awareness; is it also about the social impact?

Iqbal Sandira: Ya, that’s right, because you want to contribute to our country, this is Klikdokter, in Indonesia, like that.

Rendi Peterson: Okay. So it’s not purely based on the revenue – 

Iqbal Sandira: Ya, almost zero revenue – almost zero revenue. 

Rendi Peterson: Almost zero revenue; so you’re more for pushing how you can support the community and create a social impact for them.

Iqbal Sandira: Ya, and people start to now (use) Klikdokter better now, right.

Rendi Peterson: Ah, yes. Yes, yes. And for now, Pa, in terms of conducting the campaign, is there any pinpoint Pa? And then how you overcome the problems, especially from the marketing side Pa.

Iqbal Sandira: Okay, what I can see from these experiences, that right now, we are made for telemedicine service.

Rendi Peterson: Telemedicine service?

Iqbal Sandira: And we are a telemedicine service, but currently, we are almost telemedicine across Indonesia and are not spread evenly. Not everyone knows about telemedicine. Things like that, so chance is there, we cannot really – also Klikdokter, we cannot really – offline events – there is the challenge, two challenges, to – we have to overcome. So my decision role has become bigger and bigger, back then. 

Rendi Peterson: So in terms of how you can raise the awareness, especially for the telemedicine provided by your group or company Pa, what kind of activity or initiative that you are doing, to overcome this problem? Especially with the limitation of the – there is a – we cannot conduct the offline event, so I think you have to do a lot of online initiative. 

Iqbal Sandira: Yeah, maybe that’s why it is a partnership, ad maximize our channel, digital – yeah, our digital channel, and partnership – many people, with MRP, with Indosat, with that we are doing a partnership, and now, we have doing lot of relationship with others like that.

Rendi Peterson: Okay. In terms of the digital channel, Pa, how you can use it effectively, or – can you explain it to us, which digital channel you are using, and give you better response; better impact, Pa?

Iqbal Sandira: For better impact, it’s the apps.

Rendi Peterson: The apps.

Iqbal Sandira: Of course the apps. And the second, digital effective communication to people is social media. Ya, for the website, people just want – you search for – what they want to search, what they intend to search, is different with the social media, we can broadcast what we want to talk with the people, on the website, we cannot do it well, with – the proper way.

Siddhesh Sawant: Correct, correct. Pa Iqbal, that is absolutely an amazing and commendable initiative which Kalbay group has taken, such as giving vitamins to doctors, or providing the pre-COVID test to your subscribers or users or giving, you know, certain kinds of consulting, on the live chat on your website, or in the apps, and amazingly, what you had mentioned about the telemedicine, because of this COVID-19 situation, lot of providers across the globe are offering this consulting, which is a telemedicine consulting or tele health consulting which we call, where you can test or you can actually diagnose the diagnostic testing which also happens for free, on the tele health module. And it is actually kind of a very good initiative where people are actually adapting to the new technology, the use of the new technologies coming to picture in the healthcare industry, and a lot of doctors and lot of consultants are getting to – coming to basically a picture where you educate a lot of people about the best way to avoid COVID-19 and what all precautions you must take during this situation, so really Kudos and commendable to the entire Kalbay group for such initiative which you have taken, Pa.

Iqbal Sandira: Okay, thank you.

Siddhesh Sawant: Also Pa, moving on to the next part, I also wanted to understand wherein – there are a lot of things now wherein new technology is coming into the picture, and also now, you mentioned telemedicine and telehealth, which was not introduced earlier in Indonesia, I believe. How do you think Artificial Intelligence and Marketing automation can add value to your – these marketing strategies, which you have mentioned.  

Iqbal Sandira: I think it is always important, in my opinion, because we now need data and tools to create better relationships with our customers, how we can cure our current customers, not only our awareness, like that. So I think healthcare-health tech really needs artificial intelligence and marketing automation. Not only in apps, but also on the web, like that.

Siddhesh Sawant: Right. As we also see Pa, a lot of companies, lot of brands are moving into the artificial intelligence, into the machine learning or even marketing automation, understanding what your user needs, is more important and in this situation wherein you have got very limited time to, you know, attract a particular user or increase those app stickiness or website stickiness, it requires correct and relevant content to be showcased to our visitors or to your subscribers who are coming on your property. So we also feel that artificial intelligence and recommendations also plays a very vital role in showcasing the right content to the right person and the –

Iqbal Sandira: Ya, ya, ya. I agree with that. 

Siddhesh Sawant: Right, Pa. And definitely to talk about the entire thing, we also wanted to know from your end, because there are various marketers in Indonesia who are trying various different things. There are some brands who are getting into WhatsApp as a channel, to communicate to their customers, brands are – like your brand – and who is giving free consulting, not thinking about revenue at all, thinking about how to give back to the society together, so this is like a really amazing initiative which you all have taken as fellow marketers, but then do you have any suggestions or feedback to the other marketers in Indonesia who are trying different strategies or any kind of, you know, specific points or specific kind of good points, where we can tell them don’t try this, but do this; do you have any suggestions for them?

Iqbal Sandira: I know that many people are affected right now, but one thing that will continue to happen, is the change. And maybe after this COVID-19, there is a possibility that the map of marketing, especially in digital, can change permanently. But I believe that in every change, there is a chance. So, as digital marketers, we have to continue to improve; we have to continue to search for solutions. That thing is what I want to suggest to our fellow marketers in Indonesia. 

Siddhesh Sawant: Very rightly said Pa. When there is change, there is also a new change coming in, very new adoption of technology coming in and I see that you keep posting a lot of good content on LinkedIn, when it comes to – and doing different courses, so definitely, learning should always be there, and the suggestion that we should all adopt to the new technology, and keep on learning from our end. Do you have anything to add, when it comes to any kind of feedback or suggestion?

Iqbal Sandira: I think that is all for me.

Siddhesh Sawant: Sure. Peter, from your end, any suggestion or feedback?

Rendi Peterson: No, I think what Pa Iqbal explained very clearly, and how we can support the community as a fellow marketer, from a person in the community in Indonesia also. 

Siddhesh Sawant: Great! So I got to learn a lot of things from today’s podcast, thank you so much.

Rendi Peterson: Thank you Pa Iqbal.

Iqbal Sandira: Thank you Peter.

Siddhesh Sawant: It was really great to know certain initiatives which Calbay as a brand or as a group has been taking, what your team is doing, a phenomenal job in supporting the government, supporting the economy, making sure there is a certain ease of use for your user when they come on your properties; your website or app. So once again, Kudos to the entire team, and thank you so much for giving time today.

Rendi Peterson: Thank you Pa, thank you.

Siddhesh Sawant: Pleasure, Pa. Thank you so much everyone and that’s all from today’s Martech podcast.

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