EP #1 Email Masterclass | Ready-to-Implement Strategy to Reduce Email Churn Rate

About this Podcast

Since Email has been the heart of marketing strategy, especially during the COVID 19 crisis, preventing subscriber churn is the top priority for most email marketers.

However, before you get to the task of retaining your email list subscribers, it’s important for you to understand why your subscribers are churning, which ones are worth retaining and those you must let go as a part of your new email program?

Chad and Chaitanya join us to shed light on the actionable items that can help reduce your email subscriber churn and retain quality customers.

They discuss:

  • How big a problem is customer churn for email marketers
  • Different kinds of Email customer churn, and how marketers can arrest those churns
  • Actionable ways to increase email list, curb subscriber lost and improve the quality of your email list
  • Precautions for a marketer when running a win-back program

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