Insights and Attribution

Maximize ROI with
insights and attribution-driven personalization

Enhance your customer journey by analyzing their behavior and preferences. Utilize our Last-Click Attribution Model to track the results of personalization elements and monitor them on our dashboard.

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Test and optimize different combinations
of personalized experiences
Don't speculate -
accurately attribute
Track results and gain real-time
insights on our dashboard

Measure insights captured by your simple attribution model

Know what's working for
each customer

Traceback each individual customer's journey to see what’s worked and what hasn't. Add them to relevant segments to better engage with them based on their behavior, intent, and affinities
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2 know whats working for each customer
3 capture insights through simple attribution model

Capture insights through
a simple attribution model

You can measure the uplifts your test group achieved over your control group with a simple last-click attribution model that takes into account the last touchpoint encountered in the path to conversion
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Recalibrate your
personalization strategy

Measured results give you key insights on the performances of the personalized widgets on the website, or the personalization solution achieved. Measure the success of your KPIs and focus on those widgets that are working for you
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4 recalibrate your personalization strategy

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