Hnam mobile

AI-led personalization suite helped Hnam mobile uplift E-commerce conversions by 271%

Key results
271% Increase
Increase in conversion
rates on the website
125% Increase
Increase in session
durations on the website
Contribution of Netcore
to e-commerce website conversions
Hnam Mobile is a Mobile Devices company founded in 2006
E Commerce
Solution Used:
Netcore Personalization


  • Below expectation e-commerce website conversions despite generating 1 million+ monthly website traffic
  • Inability to get new website visitors to make a purchase faster
  • Absence of 1:1 product recommendations that helped create unique & memorable online shopping experiences

Netcore’s Strategy

Netcore’s AI-powered omnichannel personalization suite helped Hnam Mobile to:

  • Harness our AI engine, Raman, to quickly learn and identify products that individual customers were “Most Likely to Buy” on their website
  • Showcase the most relevant 1:1 product recommendation at various stages of individual customer journeys on their website
  • Increase average active session durations, total conversions, and revenues by enhancing relevant product discovery and reducing drop-offs
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