How to use WhatsApp to boost sales in 2021
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How to use WhatsApp to boost sales in 2021

Why do you need this ebook?

 As a marketer, which channels come to your mind first when you think about reaching your ideal customers and engaging with them?

Probably Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn because of their vast reach and robust lead generation capabilities.

But, do you know that there is another platform that yields 2X – 37X improvement in conversions compared to any other marketing channel? And it’s none other than WhatsApp!

WhatsApp for businesses is much more than just a messaging platform. Ever since the pandemic struck, it has been very challenging for brands to build the right conversations and maintain smooth communication with customers. Here is where WhatsApp API and chatbot have changed the game for good!

So, dive into this comprehensive guide to understand how you can leverage WhatsApp API and use WhatsApp as a differentiated channel to drive brand growth by accelerating customer engagement, boosting acquisitions, and generating quality leads. Also, get your hands on some actionable strategies and use cases for implementing WhatsApp API to increase sales and achieve a better marketing ROI

What will you find in this ebook

  • Selling via WhatsApp: How it works and why you should use it?
  • Utilizing WhatsApp API for startups/medium/large businesses
  • Growth hacking tips for businesses using WhatsApp API and chatbot
  • Seven proven Whatsapp strategies to accelerate the brand reach
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