Holiday Season 2023: Best Practices Guide for eCommerce Brands
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Holiday Season 2023: Best Practices Guide for eCommerce Brands

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As 2023 draws to its end, the eCommerce industry is expected to total $8.1 trillion and account for 20.8% of all retail sales this year. Despite the ongoing inflation and economic crunch, shoppers are still expected to maintain their holiday spending in 2023. In fact, online spending is expected to increase more than overall spending as customers compare prices and search for deals among popular online retailers (which is much harder to do when visiting brick-and-mortar stores!).

This report explains the trends that are shaping eCommerce for the 2023 holiday season and what they mean for eCommerce brands in the coming months. It also provides suggestions on how retailers can prepare for this year’s holiday shopping season, apply the right tech stack, and draw insights from the hard lessons of 2022.


In this report you will learn about:


  • The retail and e-commerce trends that dominated 2023
  • The changing customer expectations and what they want
  • What leading enterprises did for a successful holiday season in 2022
  • Our recommendations on how to boost your sales and retain customers during the holiday season in 2023
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