The what, why and how of nudges: Your roadmap to delivering delightful user experience
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Mariam Hazrat

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The what, why and how of nudges: Your roadmap to delivering delightful user experience

Published : April 2, 2021

Nudges! I am sure you must have heard this word being thrown around in the world of marketing. But not many of us truly understand it. Here is your best read, to understand the what, why and how of nudges!

The story behind Nudges 

Let’s rewind and go back to the time when the concept of Nudges started gaining ground. Back in 2011 in Copenhagen, a small experiment was conducted to test if human behavior alters when they get a clear direction to the next step. The aim was to test if the green footprints working as nudges would increase bin usage and reduce litter. This was conducted across two locations and the results pointed towards a reduction of as much as 42.4% in littering.

Inage to represent Nudge theory

What’s the psyche behind the nudge theory?

So the thought process behind Nudge Theory is that when humans are placed in a certain time constraint situation with too many options around, they tend to choose the option which is presented to them. We humans are not too fond of taking decisions, so when there’s someone guiding us to a specific set of actions, then we tend to accept that and go ahead with it. Clearly, Nudge theory has some important implications and certainly something marketers could use because understanding your customers is the key to success.

Now that we know the story behind Nudges, let’s put a definition to it.

What are Nudges, really?

In the simplest terms, a nudge is a customized navigator that leads your users to the next step/action you want them to take. It’s nothing but a guiding light that tells your users where to go next. Here are a few examples for you:

  • Airtel App – Recharging your pack may not always be on top of your mind. But hey, Airtel takes care of that for you! You’re more likely to get your pack recharged when given a reminder. That’s exactly what a nudge does for you. Moreover, you will also see a recommended default pack option waiting to be clicked so that you don’t have to go through dozens of packs to choose which one best suits your needs, instead, the app does that for you, saving you time and brain effort.
The Airtel app nudges users to recharge their account
  • Amazon – Talk about guiding users to the hero features of an app, and one of the classic examples of a nudge in action would be that of Amazon that deploys nudges that would encourage you to use more and more of Alexa.
Amazon deploys nudges that would encourage users to use more and more of Alexa
  • BookMyShow – Thinking of stepping out for a movie? What would be your major concern? Safety? Obviously! BookMyShow did grab that chance to give you all the necessary information you need before you decide to book your movie tickets. That’s the magic nudges do. Guiding you at the most relevant point in your app journey!
The nudge used to guide users at the most relevant point in your app journey

This list goes far down! There’s so many nudge types to choose from, to plant across the most relevant stages of the user’s journey, and that many opportunities to tap the metrics that matter the most to your brand. 

Got few instances to share with us? Leave us some comments!

Are Nudges any different from Push Notifications? (Yes, they surely are)!

Here’s a scenario for you as a user! So you’ve launched a particular app on your phone, let’s say Myntra. You viewed a few products, added some in your cart and left the app. Now, soon you will be receiving personalized notifications saying “Hey {your name}, your cart misses you” OR “Hey, we’ve got some exciting offers for you”. Basically these notifications are meant to bring you back to the app but that’s not where the work ends. 

Now let us put you back in your marketer shoes.

What about engaging your users when they are on the app?  

If a customer is coming on to your app, most of the time it is with the intention of performing some action. You NEED to monetize that intention. Here’s where nudges come into the picture.

Why should you choose nudges over Popups?

It’s a common sight for marketers to see users uninstalling your app, users dropping off after viewing just one page/product, not engaging for more than a few seconds with your app. Clearly, something is missing. So, let’s take your mobile marketing efforts a notch higher!

Contextual nudges & walkthroughs when placed in apps, for the right user at the right time takes them closer to their ‘aha moment’ – that one moment which will make them a loyal user of your app. The science of nudges has been highlighted right at the beginning of this blog!

Nudges come in all shapes, sizes, fonts, colours, format and much more. While your hard-coded in-app messages are surely there for you, they might not always be enough to break through those hundreds of notifications that keep popping up on your users screens.

With Nudges, you can achieve much more with a lot less effort and even lesser time spent on the engineering efforts. Nudges when implemented rightly can positively impact each of the metrics that matters to you.  Yes! I mean 

  • Higher conversions 
  • Better retention 
  • Increased feature adoption 
  • Smoother on-boarding experience 

Here is your answer to how to nudge!

Introducing Netcore’s no-code contextual nudges & walkthroughs!

With our absolute no-code platform, you will be declared independent of engineering efforts and app releases! 

If this surprised you, wait till you read more!

  • Create and customize your nudge

There’s tons of nudge templates to choose from. Be it a tooltip, coachmark, beacon or any other form of nudge, all of it is at your disposal.

Tooltip, coachmark, beacon or any other form of nudges used in an app

You can create and customize the nudges which again will be highly personalized, contextual and will exist to hand hold and take the user to the next step of action or to the new features you wish to highlight.

BUT, the real meat lies in the no-code, and we truly mean no code platform. To create/add a nudge you don’t need to go to your developers. Your Product team can now send across these nudges in just 15 minutes without any hard coding required. Normally, this takes up more than 20-30 days and even to iterate a nudge takes up a lot of days. But we stand by our 15 minutes. That’s all the time you need. Save up on all those engineering efforts!

P.S. If you choose to send out the data to your app analytics provider, we got you covered! 

  • Add all your events

Once you’ve segmented your users, the next step that follows is to add the events viz add to carts, items viewed and the likes of it. Worry not! We know you have those events created in another platform and our integration with multiple platforms makes it possible for us to add all those previous events on the Netcore Dashboard.

In making your brand’s marketing engine run seamlessly, any user data that is sent to our Netcore servers are safe and protected.  In addition to this, we also have a way for you to get started without sharing any PII with us – and still define and target specific user groups / segments. 

Trust us, your customers are our first priority. 

Here is how, we at Netcore, with our Product Experience Platform ensure you complete user data privacy, as we build contextual nudges and walkthroughs for your app. 

Client-side nudges do the magic for us. With these, all of the data points around users and relevant events, are completely stored on the client device and are not passed on to Netcore’s servers at all. It is this cool thing ‘Edge computation’ that we implement, to make this all work. 

What this means to your brand

Absolute data privacy :  Helping you to adhere to the data compliance and security needs of your specific industry. 

Zero latency and real time : With all evaluations done right on the device and not on the server, there is absolutely zero latency. This also frees you of the worries of external factors like the internet availability, in delivering the nudges. 

In scenarios of user context changing within seconds and between  screens, zero latency solution from Netcore comes to the rescue, in ensuring the delivery of a contextual nudge to the right user at the right time. 

Wrapping up!

The number of apps available today are unfathomable. So to break through this clutter and grab that short attention span of your users, it becomes critical to constantly devise strategies to engage them. Your app stickiness increases only if your user has a smooth customer experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

This pretty much sums up how the nudges and contextual walkthroughs are going to work. We also told you how cool and easy it is to implement these seemingly complex and extremely powerful nudges, with Netcore’s no-code product experience platform! 

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to us

Remember ! Hyper-personalization, contextual, relevant, timely and no-code nudges are all that you need to keep your huge customer base more than satisfied, not just once but always.  

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