Our First AI/ML Training Was An Instant Hit with Modern Marketers
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Our First AI/ML Training Was An Instant Hit with Modern Marketers

Published : May 4, 2018

This industry-first initiative told us marketers are looking for ways to get ahead of the curve

‘Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion,’ is what Suvarna Deshpande, a senior manager with a financial services company, tweeted out during the course of attending the AI/Ml training conducted by expert trainer and consultant Rajesh Jakhotia, also the founder of K2 Analytics Finishing School.

This was a full house of nearly 20 mid-level managers working in various organisations across sectors; these are people who are aiming to grow into becoming decision-makers in the near future. So far, their exposure to AI/ML and related technologies had been limited to jargon such as big data, analytics, growth hacking, and more… away from the actual experience of how it truly works.

On the morning of April 20, therefore, one of the training suites at our Thane office was bristling with energy and expectations of young marketing managers along with an enthusiastic trainer and assistants from Netcore’s engineering and product team.

The day-long training was structured to give them a thorough understanding of basic concepts about AI/ML, to show them exactly how these technologies are driving the disruption in marketing and how the adoption of it can make them become active stakeholders in the organisational decision-making.


During the first-half, Mr.Jakhotia discussed this oft-quoted ‘segment of one’, explaining that capturing data points was not enough for having a 360-degree view of the consumer; rather, it is about finding out making the right inferences from the data. It enables marketers to understand whether to cross-sell or upsell to the consumer. We covered everything from descriptive & diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. Finally, the participants’ got to test their understanding through a group-based contest, in which they were given a case-study that required the use of analytics.

In the second-half, we demonstrated the technical aspects of AI/ML: the predictive models used to understand consumer behaviour. We looked at supervised models such as the linear, logistic regression models along with classification models, as well as the unsupervised model ‘K-means Clustering’. Mr. Jakhotia impressed upon the participants that supervised models harness historical consumer data to enable marketers to predict their spends, preferences etc. and classify them accordingly while unsupervised ones use actual real-time data to segment users, which is a classic requirement of marketing.

Rajesh Jakhotia had this to say about the endeavour: ‘Conducting this training on AI/ML for senior managers from fields such as IT, marketing, banking, was a fantastic experience. It was great to learn about their perspective on how they would like to use analytics in their work’. Another participant, Sangram Panda, a client delivery manager, too was impressed with the quality of the content on Artificial Intelligence, and participants generally appreciated receiving certificates from the expert trainer.

See what these attendees wants to say about this session.

Coming from the product side, we found this interaction greatly exciting, seeing that the modern marketer has truly come of age. They want to be in charge of growth marketing at their organisations and they understand that AI/ML can be their best friend on this journey. It gives us new goals to achieve!

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